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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


So a few days later than I planned, but today I'm sharing the sources for my fun little office! Most of the items in my office were purchased second-hand, but are still available for retail sale for purchase (that's the best!). Enjoy the e-window shopping!

1. Threshold Storage Desk ... Target ... $149.99
|| Purchased at Goodwill for $9.99 ||
2. Illuminated Dream Lattice Fabric ... Hobby Lobby ... $9.99/yard
|| See the chair makeover here ||

3. Nate Berkus Dessert Plates ... Target ... No longer available
|| Purchased set of 4 at Goodwill for $5.99 ||

4. Gold Wishbone Print ... Free (+printing)
|| Download for free here ||

5. White Quatrefoil Storage Box ... JoAnn ... $5.99
|| Grab a JoAnn coupon here ||

6. Don't Forget To Be Awesome Mug ... Kohl's ... $9.99 (on sale for $5.99)
|| I used a coupon and $5 gift card and paid only 89 cents! ||

7. Laurent Floral Accent Lamp Shade ... World Market ... $14.99
|| I kept the plastic on because I'm waiting for a sale or coupon! ||

8. Threshold Double Gourd Glass Lamp Base ... Target ... $31.99
|| Purchased at Goodwill for $7.99 ||

9.  & 10. Old Target Mix-n-Match Lamp and Lampshade

11. I Get By with a little help from my Friends Print ... Free (+printing)
|| Download for free here ||

12. Empire State Building Canvas ... Home Goods
|| Purchased a few years ago on sale ||

13. & 14. Spray Painted Chipboard Words ... Hobby Lobby
|| love ... create (not available online) ||

15. All My Kids Have Paws Canvas ... Marshalls ... $7.99

There ya go! It's like browsing stores without having to get in your car or pull out your wallet!

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Fourth Friday {March}

Friday, March 27, 2015

Happy Friday! Morgan and I are off to Roswell and Carlsbad Caverns for the weekend, so a quick Fourth Friday today! I feel like a broken record saying this, but how is it that a full month has passed since I shared my First Friday post! Just so fast!

1. First up is a recap of my First Friday post...
     .I made the corned beef with a can of Guinness, and man, it was great! Everyone needs to try this!
     .Little Odo had the best birthday ever! My college roommate was in town and Erin fell head-over-heels in love with her, so she was completely in her element of being center-of-attention on her birthday. It was actually pretty cute to watch.
     .Yeah, so... about reading. I just haven't been feeling it lately. I don't know if it's because I haven't found a great book to read... or... But I hate that I haven't been reading lately. So needless to say I didn't finish either book (The Girls from the Five Great Valleys and Love Saves the Day).
     .I still haven't read the post on blogging legally. I really should do that. I can't imagine it will take me more than five minutes.
     .I was so excited this past Sunday when Mad Men started streaming on Netflix!!! I did well and only have seen three episodes. I am trying to not binge watch them, but it's so tempting!
     .I more than lucked out with my desk chair hunt. I didn't find the chair I shared in that post, but I, of course, found an even better chair (read about it here).

2. I'm obsessed with the viral videos coming out of the late night talk shows. I literally laugh at everything Jimmy Fallon puts out. But James Corden is giving him a run for his money. Have you seen this hilarious video with Tom Hanks?

3. This month I signed up for a supplemental retirement plan at my work (I know, yawn... but I love financial planning), and now I feel like Warren Buffett! Anyway, I encourage everyone to read this article from Suze Orman that explains what steps you should take for your retirement depending on your age. The lesson? Save as early as you can!

4. Do you guys read a lot of blogs? I sure do. I love them, they are what inspired me to start this here blog. But I notice a trend of... perfection on many of the blogs I read. Hardwood floors, bright big windows, unlimited budgets. It can sometimes feel like a lot of pressure to be perfect. It's like we're all living in a Pinterest generation. 

But this month, Chelsea at Two Twenty One shared a great post about her new kitchen counters. New kitchen counters that aren't granite, marble, or concrete. They are laminate. Like what we all have! Like what I would be able to afford (and maintain) in my own home (one day). It's truly a great post.

Why I chose laminate kitchen countertops instead of granite.

5. This month I discovered Scandal on Netflix. I have no clue how I have missed this show over the years?! I love it! I'm not sure I'mall over Team Olivia Pope like a lot of people are. But I love this show! Check it out if you haven't already.

6. Last up for this Fourth Friday... I have some personal news to share. I will be starting a new job in a few weeks! I found out earlier this month and it was quite a surprise, to say the least. I love the job I have, but was given an opportunity to take a position that I just couldn't say no to. 

I am still trying to make myself believe I can do the new job successfully. I have realized how lucky I am to have the best support team beside me. Between my family, friends, and co-workers, everyone has been so positive about this change. I just need to start believing in myself!

Believe you can and you're halfway there. | Teddy Roosevelt quote | free printable from

I don't know what my new job will mean for the blog... but I hope to still keep it going - even if with a bit fewer posts.

Have a great Friday and weekend!

The Small Office Reveal

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Here's the big (well little) office reveal! As promised yesterday, here are all of the pictures of my 3'x6' apartment! Pictures today... info tomorrow!

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The Free-Chair Makeover +Tips on Being Safe with Mold

Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy Monday! We had perfect weather here this weekend to be outside. Which in my case meant working on projects outdoors - using my sander, pulling out the spray paint for the first time this year... and trying to remember all the other project I put on the back burner because of the weather.

This weekend was all about finalizing some of my home office updates (which I'm so excited to share with you tomorrow). Two weeks ago, I shared with you the two finds that really kick-started the update and while I was able to fix some problems with the desk right away, due to weather and my visiting college roommate I just finished up the chair this weekend.

And... I LOVE it! If you have been reading for a while, then you know this isn't my first chair makeover... and for those of you are newer around these parts, let me say, I've made over quite a few chairs for living in just a one-bedroom apartment.

Just so we can all be reminded of the others here they are:

First office chair
Mid-Century bedroom chairs
Second office chair

If you look at them all, what I hope you will see with this latest (and hopefully last for the office) makeover is that I've learned quite a bit from those first makeovers and think I have a much more professional end-result with this chair.

So how did I take this chair from the moldy-nasty mess above to the trellis chair below? With some patience, sunshine, and spray paint (oh, yeah... and crossed fingers that all the mold is gone or blocked away).

When I first picked up the chair which had been posted with another three as free for the taking on Craigslist, I didn't realize just how bad the mold situation was on them. From the picture that was listed on Craigslist (I thought it was only really the bottoms of the seats that were bad. Probably from being stacked that way for a while and being left outside.

It wasn't until I got the chair to my apartment and on to my porch that I realized really how disgusting it was. But I was holding out hope because the metal from of it was in really good shape and it was the exact type of chair I was looking for to pair up with my new Goodwill desk.

Here's what I saw when I got the chair up to my porch. Look how truly gross it was:

Just nasty.

As soon as I saw the extent of the mold, I wanted to get a deeper look and trash as much of it as I could. If it was going to be dangerous for my cats or me to be around, I wanted to know as soon as possible.

A few things about working with mold. Always work outdoors or in a very well ventilated area (like a garage or open basement). Wear protective gear: eye-wear, gloves, face mask. Don't touch the mold directly and do your best to not breathe any.

My first step was to grab a trash bag, drill, pliers, scissors, gloves, and my sunglasses and to dig in. I took apart the chair and started with pulling out all of the staples from the bottom of the seat and the the chair back. 

I was relieved to find that on the chair back, the mold was blocked by a layer of plastic so it didn't penetrate the frame. But things weren't as good on the seat chair.

After getting the moldy fabric off the seat bottom and directly into the trash bag and removing the seats foam (mold got to that too, I was down to just the wooden seat and it wasn't looking good.

All of the dark area on the left is mold stain. I admit, I freaked out. My first thought was to just scrap it, but after a little more time, I realized how difficult it would be to get it cut perfectly (especially since there is a lip on the front of the seat.

After looking at Lowe's for mold blockers, I decided it was easier on my wallet to by a primer that blocks stains and smells (Kilz) and to use a water and vinegar solution to try to get off as much mold stain as possible.

Here's how it looked right after I sprayed it with water and vinegar:

Top of the Seat

Bottom of the Seat

I let the water and vinegar mixture really seep in and dry in the hot sun. After it dried out, it was looking a little better, but not enough for me to call it good.

After Drying in the Sun

So I picked up a respirator mask at Lowe's and attempted to sand away the stains; and sanding made a huge difference!


I was happy with what the sanding did for the stain, so I wiped the seat down and sprayed it with two layers of Kilz (which I didn't get to photograph because it started to sprinkle out and I had to bring the seat inside - leaned against my open door to dry).

Then the fun part began!

I started with the seat back. It had great framed, curved and cut to fit the metal frame. You can see those in the next two pictures.

As you can see in the pictures, I covered the foam with a layer of batting, which I attached with Elmer's spray glue.

I then laid down the fabric and cut just about an inch around the edges and stapled all around. I was really proud of the finished edge I made on the bottom of the seat back.

I also was happy the back worked out because it has two sort of ledges to hold it over the frame. It was a bit tricky to not make the corners full of chunky fabric.

Once the seat back was finished and the paint was dry on the seat base, I started putting together the seat. On the first office chair I made, I used the 2-inch green foam from the craft store and was really disappointed in how chunky it looked. So I opted for a different padding for this chair and highly recommend it! I bought the Poly-Fil Nu Foam in 2-inches. It is noticeably thinner than the green foam and more compact. It was just what I had hoped to find. 

I traced the seat onto the foam and cut it out. Well, attempted to cut it out. The biggest takeaway from this project is that I don't own any sharp scissors! After shuffling between three pair of scissors I got the foam cut out. I used spray adhesive to attach it to the seat and then added a layer of batting to it to round out and soften the edges.

Then I wrapped and stapled the fabric around it. I chose the fabric because I already had it on hand from a pre-blog DIY headboard I made years ago. Finally I attached both the seat and the back to the frame. 

I love how it turned out!

I'm not worried about having the chair in my apartment with the state that I found it in. I took good precautions to clean it up and make it safe.

I am so excited to share the office makeover that goes with this chair! Check back tomorrow to see my new office space!

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