Thursday, April 24, 2014

Way back in 1988...

Today I turn the big 2-6! I guess there is no denying that at this point, I'm 100% an adult. No turning back now! My dad called me last night and with nostalgia recounted my birth. The big takeaway is that by the time he made it to the hospital and walked in the room it was like an episode of M*A*S*H. 

Everything had proceeded so quickly that he missed my actual birth! Initially my parents thought it would be a slow day, the day I was born, so my dad stopped off for gas on his way to the hospital (although for years the story was that he stopped for donuts) and by the time he made it to the hospital - BAM! - there I was! 8:30 in the morning on Sunday, April 24, the first day of softball season. 

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to look back and see what life was like when I was born!

Average Income per Year

Price of Gallon of Gas
91 cents

Average Price for a New Car

Movie Ticket

Postage Stamp
48 cents

Dozen Eggs
65 cents

Gallon of Milk

Highest Grossing Film of 1988
Rain Man ($172+ Million)

Top Selling Album of 1988
George Michael - Faith

1988 marks the first year a night game was played at Wrigley Field

I can't even say that was just a quarter century ago... because it was 26 years ago! Happy birthday to all my 4/24 birthday twins out there!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cinnamon & Sugar!

This is going to be the shortest, straight-to-the-point post ever.
Make your own Cinnamon & Sugar! Learn how here!
This is a tried-and-true trick I learned from my mom. Growing up we always had a metal shaker of cinnamon and sugar to put on toast (or Cheerios) in the cabinet. While, cinnamon and sugar can be purchased pre-made in the spice aisle, it's beyond simple to make on your own!

Here's the ratio:
       1 part cinnamon to
       2 parts sugar

Once you have your cinnamon and sugar measured out and in your shaker of choice, carefully turn the container into combine the cinnamon and sugar. Place the top on and voila! Make-at-home cinnamon and sugar!

Told you it was going to be a short one! Hope you're having a great week!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Garage Sale Grabs!

Happy Monday morning! I hope you had a great weekend and Easter! I had a relaxing, productive weekend. I worked on my dining room table, did laundry (a miracle), and spent quite a bit of the weekend cleaning. 

I garage saled (yes, it's a verb) on Saturday until it started raining... yes raining, here in the desert. I am not a big fan of garage sales because of the hit-and-miss junk-o-sales that so many of them are. But! - in the last few weeks I have actually found some really great deals!
A few weekends ago, I went to a charity garage sale by my apartment. It was hosted by a group of 20-30 year olds, so I was hoping that the things they would be selling would be for, well, 20-30 year olds (aka me). I totally hit the jackpot with this sale. I walked away with some clothes, a diploma cover for Morgan, and my dream carpet cleaner!

I had this carpet cleaner on my Christmas wish list and was even given a $50 gift card to Target towards it. But I just couldn't justify the $130 price tag. So I sat on it and decided to wait. Then the angels sang and I found it at a garage sale! For $15! It even had solution still in the tank! I have used it quite a few times so far (probably finding excuses) and so far I love it! It's totally vindicating and completely revolting to empty the dirty water canister into the sink and see brown go down the drain.

At that same garage sale, I picked up the first season of Franklin & Bash. I haven't seen it before but I am a 90's fan of Mark-Paul Gosselaar's Saved By the Bell; and it was only $1!

This weekend, I didn't have much planned, so I searched "scrapbooking" on Craigslist and found a listing for a garage sale with scrapbooking supplies. I ended up driving well across town (much further than the little map picture suggested) and was more than disappointed with the selection. I wasn't going to leave without getting something, so I picked up this new-in-package spatula from Cricut. It to was only $1 

I picked up some good deals on the way back from the garage sale as I hit up the thrift stores along the way. They are DIY fixer-upper projects and I can't wait to get to them to share with you!

I have my eye on this little piece listed on Craigslist (to replace the dresser I got last year but just haven't fallen in love with). I hope it stays around until this coming weekend!

How did you spend your weekend? Did you find any great thrifty deals?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The "He's How Old?" Card {Free Cut File}

Guys, I made a mistake on this card. You probably can't tell. But the 2... it should be a 3. 

Do you remember the Happy Turtle Birthday Card I made a few weeks ago? Well the birthday of my best high school girlfriend's little boy who I made that card for is coming up, as is his older brother's. I hadn't made the oldest brother a card yet, so I looked through my stash and found some fun birthday-themed papers to work with and made the bright birthday card below for his (what I thought) second birthday.
Bright and Sunny Birthday Card with FREE CUT FILE! #MOJO341

But after I finished the card and went to bed, I started running the numbers in my head and realized that "big brother" is turning 3 not 2! I'm not sure how I made that mistake considering "little brother" is turning 1! Oh, well. I'm still loving this card and will just have to save it for a year to send it to lil' bro!

I was working with the Mojo Monday layout design challenge for this card. It was definitely a test of my creativity to get all of the elements of the design into this card, and I'm so happy with how it turned out knowing the work it took to get it all working together!

I wanted to keep the colors really saturated, primary, and bright. I used a paper called Surprise! Pop that had some cute birthday-themed quotes and pictures. I pulled the balloons to use for the square feature image.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to use for the circle. I thought maybe putting a J for his initial, but it seemed like it might compete with the balloons. I decided on the layered number instead and went about making (rather than using someone else's) my own file.

I created circles here for you to download and use in Silhouette Studio (just click on the image). If it doesn't seem like it's working correctly for you in Silhouette Studio, make sure you have CF Jack Story font downloaded on your computer.
Free Silhouette Studio Circle-in-Number Download from It's Always Ruetten

Here's one last look at the layers of the card! Good tip: It's a good idea to always keep your scrap papers. I made the pennants from scrap pieces from other projects! 
Bright and Sunny Birthday Card with FREE Silhouette Studio CUT FILE! #MOJO341

Have you ever made an irreversible mistake on a project? Oh well, it just means that I'll have to make another card for him!

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