Red or Green?

Monday, July 23, 2012

New Mexico is smack in the middle of monsoon season, which means I don't have to remember to water my garden!

It must have rained for the better part of the afternoon; not only were the roads wet, but the temperature had dropped to 71° by the time I got home from work. Only in the desert could one afternoon of rain mean that my plants are now over-saturated. Oh, well, they have survived worse (once they went eleven days without water and sun... I will have to share that in a later post).

After 3 weeks...

After 8 weeks...

Do you see the 3 chiles?

Chile dos...

Third one!

So, what are you: red, green, or Christmas? Leave your choice in the comments sections. I am definitely green, no- red, no- Christmas! Aahh, I can't decide!

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