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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Welcome to It's Always Ruetten! I am excited to have this blog to share my projects, gather inspiration, and have some place to put all the pictures I take!

Since a lot of my blog posts will be centered around projects I am doing around my apartment, I thought it would be helpful to discuss my apartment.

I find southwestern architecture to not be very inspiring, so the outside of my apartment leaves something to be desired, but the inside isn't a bad blank canvas to work with.

I am currently in my third rental apartment in two years (oy!). One thing I have learned from living in so many rentals is how to make the most of the space while still staying within the limits determined by my lease. My place now is a 1x1- one bedroom and one bath:

While it might be small, these 609 square feet are mine!

Join me on my adventures of living in a rental and making it my home!

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