Ikea, I Love You

Monday, August 6, 2012

What is it about Ikea that I can't resist? Maybe it's that there isn't one close to me so every time I am near one I can't find a reason not to go.

There are no fewer than three Ikea's within driving distance of my grandma (and by driving distance I mean in Montana miles -- we have to drive everywhere, so a few hours isn't a big deal), so after the beach, on the way to grandma's house, we stopped at Ikea.

Earlier this year, Morgan and I went to Phoenix for my birthday and visited the Ikea there. I'll chalk it up to it being our first visit, but in Arizona we spent 3 hours (!) browsing! This time we were a little less shell-shocked and made it through in much less time (with my wallet a bit lighter).

Love the light, modern look! Didn't buy :-(

Mirrors on the bottom? Yes!

I thought about getting these for a jewelry holder diy I saw on Pinterest.
But at $12.99, they are too expensive.

Morgan hard at work (and recently tanned).

I could use this awesome shoe rack!

A desk chair named after me!

Pendant light that Morgan loved

So in the end, what did we leave with?

Morgan: a large, white rug in the clearance section that had been a display (and yes, he was able to get it back to New Mexico in his suitcase), decorative boxes, a clearance section lamp, kitchen shears, potato (or patata, as Morgan says) peeler, and under cabinet lights.


A Fixa screwdriver/drill, magazine holders, a notebook, a curtain panel, and napkins for grandma (not pictured).

Love the design!

And look, how awesome is this? The pages are unlined and this lined page is
 inserted behind the sheet you are working on.

My curtain panel was on sale! I thought it was a sample, but it was actually out of its package.

And look what came to my Aunt's house the day  Morgan left... the 2013 Ikea book!

After all this shopping, look who was tuckered out - Ricky!

Do you feel the same way about Ikea? I love it!!

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