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Friday, August 3, 2012

In honor of the Olympics in London, it's all about the loo (not bathroom) tonight!

I had wanted to decorate my bathroom in a yellow-gray-white color scheme for a while, so when I moved into my current apartment, I knew this was the time to do it. I'm sure I saw this color combination in magazines before then and just didn't realize it, but I swear, since I decided to use these colors I have seen them together more and more. I guess it's like when you discover a new word- all of a sudden you see it everywhere.

I found these two designs I liked- one bedroom and one bathroom, on Pinterest (after I decorated my bathroom, of course):

 Mid-Century Yellow and Gray Bathroom, The house was built in 1956 and we moved in just under a year ago. This full bathroom is on the main living floor; there is a full master bath downstairs. All tile and fixtures are original; all we changed was the wall color and added the accessories. Before the yellow the room felt cold and cavernous. Not any more!, The view from the entry. Soon well add a towel on that empty towel bar! I should add that we dont actually use this bathtub and theres a separate shower to the left we dont use either. Since we have the master bath downstairs this is more like a really big powder room. Hence the curtains are more for visual effect than actual function., Bathrooms Design

I started with towels and a shower curtain, these items I knew would make the biggest impact.

On the wall opposite the towel bar, I have had problems with art... For 9 months I had three plates I bought at Goodwill and spray painted yellow, silver, and white hung on the wall. But when my dad and sister came to visit in April, my dad accidentally hit one with his head and it crashed to the ground in pieces.

So I replaced it with some diy art made out of an Ikea frame I purchased at Goodwill and paint chips.

I wasn't sure how I felt about it. It was a bit more angular and rigid than I thought it would be. Then I knew how I felt about it when one day I walked into the bathroom and found it on the ground- face up, with broken glass sitting in the frame. It was weird though, the hanger was completely on the back and the nail was in the wall...

But just a few days ago I drove by the dumpster and found this:

I pulled it out of the trash, put a screw in the bottom bar and wiped off the 1/8 inch of dust on it. I ended up having to take the bottom bar off to fit it behind the toilet and then screwed it back together once it was in place. But getting it into place took some maneuvering. As soon as I figured out how to get it behind the toilet this happened:

I ended up unscrewing the towel bar and putting it away to put back up when I move out.

I think it looks great! And it was FREE!

I used mirrors I took out of their frames that I had on hand from a failed diy project, and a yellow glass vase I had bought a while ago for the bathroom.

What do you think? How is your bathroom decorated, do you have a color scheme? Do you have any ideas for art for my bathroom?


  1. The bathroom looks great!! I also like the yellow and gray scheme with white accents. Check out TJ Maxx if you have one near you...they have a ton of grey and white towels with geometric patterns. Super cute!

    I'm redecorating my bathroom as we speak! Check out my blog for before pictures. Long story short I painted it gray to go with gray and pink flooring and tiles. I'm also switching out some stuff on the wall. I'm currently working on a piece of DIY artwork that I'm super excited about! Keep a look out for the reveal at walkslikerain.blogspot.com!!

    1. Katie,

      So funny you should suggest TJ Maxx. I went there a few months ago and purchased the white washcloth with the moroccan pattern on it. It is kind of small but I have it in my bathroom now.

      I can't wait to see the artwork you come up with for your bathroom. That is really the one area I have been struggling with.



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