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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hi! I hope you all had a great week! I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend - - one full of watching the "West Wing" and cleaning my apartment. :-)

I've recently been on a Mid-Century Modern decorating kick for my bedroom. All based on this amazing garage sale find!

For a while I had been looking to replace the old dresser in my bedroom. There was nothing wrong with it, it was just too small for all of the clothes I have:

I was set on replacing that little one with a low-long dresser (is there an actual name for this type of dresser?). I was so excited when I found one for free on Craigslist, but after picking it up and dragging it up the stairs to my apartment, it was really beyond my abilities to DIY it back to life. So I put it up again on Craigslist and luckily got rid of it in one day.

For a few days, all of my clothes were in boxes and piles on my floor. Then, I took a day off of work, went garage sale-ing and found my Broyhill Brasilia dresser. When I came across the dresser, I didn't know a thing about it, except that it was vintage, in really great condition, and out of my price range, at $50. I drove around to some other garage sales, but couldn't get that beauty out of my mind. So I went back a few hours later and the dresser was still there! The seller said it was her grandmothers; I love to think about the years she used it, all of the stories it knows. I was so happy to pay $50 for the perfect dresser to paint and DIY to exactly what I want!

Morgan was nice enough to offer to help carry my new dresser from my car to my apartment after work that Friday. I thought I would help out by at least removing the drawers to take out quite a bit of the weight of the piece. But to my surprise, I couldn't take the drawers out! So moving it ended up being an entire experience in itself. It was probably 95° outside and the dresser weighs, I would say, close to 200 pounds. About 2/3 the way up the stairs, my body shut down and I almost couldn't make it. But with Morgan's patience, we got it in and it fit perfectly!

My plans to paint it changed when I started to do some research. Using the original label in the top right drawer to guide me, I was able to find some information on the Broyhill Brasilia line.

Kind of blury, but it is the original Broyhill Brasilia cloth label in the drawer.
It even has the "Good Housekeeping" Magazine Seal of Approval.

Brasilia Connection is a great site to peruse for information on the Broyhill line. I definitely killed hours on this site. They even have the original sales brochure, listing all of the pieces in the line. Outside of its vintage appeal, the reason I decided not to paint it, is because of the price these pieces pull in on Ebay! Brasilia pieces bring in anywhere from $250-$1200! Although, this is a really cool inspiration piece, I just can't bring myself to paint it:

Cool inspiration piece. I just can't bring myself to paint mine.

My Brasilia is in great condition, I really lucked out!

Isn't she gorgeous?

Look at the detail in the handles and legs. We just don't see this craftsmanship today.

The mirror is detachable. I love it off center where the original owner had it.

I love the wear on the top. I imagine the original owner had a jewelry box or picture from here.

Hidden drawers in the middle. Love them!

This is really the only part that is in bad shape- a support bar on the bottom.

This is the original vintage liner-paper I found in the drawers.

I took a small piece and framed it.

Voila! With accessories that I will post about later.

What do you guys think about it? I love it! What vintage pieces do you own?


  1. Love that dresser and what a great deal! I have been looking for a mid century or danish modern lowboy dresser (I especially love broyhill ones) for my room. I have redone 2 mid century dressers but sold them both... now I wish I didn't!

  2. Love the painted versions, but I agree with keeping it all wood. You can always paint, but you can't really go back!

  3. Just purchased my own mid-century gem, a low boy made by Dixie Furniture! Checked out ebay and its worth close to $700. To paint or not to paint?


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