Re-living Reagan

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hi, again! Sorry that I haven't posted for a while. I was on a work trip to Denver this last week that was pretty packed with things to do and didn't leave time to post anything.

With all of the Republican presidential campaign attention in the news the last few days as Mitt Romney announced Paul Ryan as his running mate, it seems a fitting time to post about my visit to the Reagan Presidential Library and Museum.

I, like most Republicans, feel something special towards President Reagan, even though I wasn't even alive for one full year under his presidency.

My first time visiting the Museum was a few years ago, maybe six or seven. Since that visit, the Reagan Library Foundation has poured millions of dollars into the collection and it is truly a top museum.

I have been to three other presidential museums (pictures: Nixon, Eisenhower, and Hoover) and by far, the Reagan Presidential Library and Museum is the most impressive.

The Reagan Foundation has spent $1 Million to obtain items from the Walt Disney archives. Even if you have no desire to go to a presidential library, the Walt Disney exhibit is worth a visit on its own.
Early Walt Disney sketches

Early moving picture machine
A drawing by Walt Disney for a President Eisenhower advertisement
Walt Disney's work space

Walt Disney's Office
A hand-written note from the author of Mary Poppins, suggesting that it be made into a movie

From Mary Poppins

From 102 Dalmations with Glenn Close

From The Princess Diaries, worn by Julie Andrews

Also from The Princess Diaries

From Enchanted
Also from Enchanted

Back to the Reagan Museum:

Morgan thought it was funny that his shirt blended in with
the green-screen background, and he was a floating head

A classic Reagan quote and something to always think
about as you enter the polls in November
Morgan R. Nelson, practicing his 2028 Inaugural speech!

Me too!

I believe this is a 3/4 scale replica of President Reagan's
Oval Office. Look at that chest- beautiful!

The great seal inlaid in the carpet

A beam from one of the Twin Towers, commemorating
the number of FDNY who lost their lives.

I took a horse ride with the President!

The retired Air Force One used under numerous presidents

May he rest in peace

So... is it the President and First Lady? Or the President and First Gentleman? :-)

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