The Color Run 5K

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Let me preface this by saying: I am not a runner. Never have been, never will be. I do not enjoy running, or really pushing myself physically, at all. I have very vivid memories of being forced to run the mile every year of elementary and middle school. Mr. Yakel, I know the mile equates to four times running around Paxson School; it doesn't matter, I hate doing it! It is just, ugh, I can't explain. Can you tell how much I detest running?

Well, with that being said, yesterday Morgan and I participated in Albuquerque's first-ever Color Run 5K. I forewarned Morgan that I would not be running, but he pushed me a couple of times to pick it up, so I ran jogged a verrry little part of it. I have absolutely no stamina so after I jogged the first part, I knew I was shot for the rest.

The Color Run is like an adult fun-run. There are no official times kept, so I didn't feel embarrassed to participate and run at my level. According to the Color Run staff, 6,000 people were signed up to participate in Albuquerque's Color Run- -that's pretty cool. The Ronald McDonald House was the official charity partner, so it was nice to help out a local organization that gives back to so many in the community.

7 am, downtown Albuquerque

Lined up... the guy right there was running with his camera on a harness on his chest.

After the race, every runner tosses up a packet of color to celebrate!

Post-run and color blast celebration!

The color is some kind of cornstarch concoction thing. At each kilometer of the race, a group of volunteers douses the runners/walkers/joggers with different colors. They colors were pink, red, orange, yellow, and blue. It stuck to clothes and skin (and my hair) well, but it could be blown off with forced air. We were very careful riding home in Morgan's car because we didn't want to get any color on the interior fabric. We sat on  t-shirt scraps and sat very still.

Morgan added and exclamation to the day by leaving his phone on top of his car. Luckily, at a stop sign, it came sliding down the windshield and wedged behind the wiper.

Pink arm... not pink eye!

Even Ricky got painted!

Paint on my nose!

My hair was caked!

I had to wash my hair twice. At first it looked like I was trying to dye my hair pink... the suds just wouldn't come clean. Of course, I should have used Drain-o on my shower first because I ended up standing in rainbow water.

One of the cooler things about the run, is that the paint doesn't dye your clothing unless you set it. They suggested setting the color in your clothes by spraying it with vinegar and then ironing it. I tried this with my shirt and socks, but am less than impressed with the end result. I don't know if there were some specifics, like spray and let dry THEN iron. But I sprayed then ironed. It was a gross thing to do only because the smell of steamed vinegar is, well, disgusting.

Before washing...

After washing (front)

After washing (back)

Of course, one of the most intense areas of color is yellow paint in the armpit!!

Socks before washing

Socks after washing

If you're wondering, I think we came in somewhere around the 40 minute mark. For no training or experience, I don't think that is half bad. At least I finished without passing out!

Is the Color Run coming to your town? You should sign up if it is. It is really fun!

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