Little Ricky Turns 3!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hi! Happy soon-to-be-Labor Day. I hope you get an extra day in your weekend!

My little Ricky Ricardo Ruetten (yes, that is his given name :-) ) turned 3 on Wednesday. Ricky has the same  birthday as John McCain and my boss's daughter!

Ricky came into my life two years ago. I was working a job that was extremely challenging and less than fulfilling. I hated that I woke up in the morning, went to work, and came home late at night to sleep and repeat the same process. I began to think about adopting a cat, so I started perusing the Animal Humane's adoptable cats list.

Ricky made himself at home shortly after I adopted him!

I remember going on my lunch break to one of the shelters to visit Ricky. At the time his name was Midnite and he caught me from first look at his picture. I found some e-mails I sent my family about him:
I'm planning on getting this cat on Sunday. They have free feline Friday's but I don't want him to slip away. Any suggestions for names? Not Midnite, and not Max.
To my aunt:
you're the third person to suggest Reagan! I like Senator, I hadn't thought of that. I'm thinking maybe Morrison? He jumped right into my lap and was bumping his head towards my hands. And I gave up the chihuahua's even though there were three puppies there. I held them all and they were soooo cute! 
To my aunt:
he is sooo cute. I guess because he's younger than any cat I've every been around he has so much more energy than Max, Niggy, or Sam. He loves to have his head rubbed and will seek out my hands to have me rub his head. Two times I've come home from work and he has crawled under the covers of my bed; today he was between the sheets. Out of all the cats I've known, he's the first burrower cat.

I'm playing around with a few different names, but I think I'm going to go with Mac. I have to decide what food to feed him. I got a small bag for free from the shelter of Science Diet, but I don't think he actually likes it. I guess I'll have to look around for samples at PetCo and PetSmart, which thankfully are both on my drive home from the office.

I'll send you some pictures.
Ricky was originally an indoor cat, but as he's gotten a bit older, he now spends his evenings and weekend mornings outside.

For his birthday this year, I gave Ricky a can of wet food and crossed my fingers that he would only eat as much as he wanted and not the whole thing and puke it up later. He's definitely grown up... no puke this year! In fact, it took him three sittings to eat the small can.

Oh yeah....

His real gift was a new water tower. About two weeks ago, I went to fill his water tower and the little floater thingy that regulates the water level broke.

The white thingy is supposed to be connected to the circle it is next to.

I went to both PetSmart and Petco to buy him a replacement but they were expensive and small! Geez... petroleum products are expensive!

This is what I found:

From PetSmart

But look at it in comparison to his old one:

It is so much smarter, I decided to return it and buy a replacement on Amazon. I actually found the matching water dish to Ricky's self-feeder:

The one on the right is the new water dish.

But it is absolutely worthless because there is no water-level regulator, just a hole for the water to come out of:

Needless to say, I submitted a request to return it to the sender, and he gave me a refund and said I didn't need to mail it back. What great customer service!

So, today I am on a mission to find little Ricky a usable water dish. Not only is it necessary for his hydration, but it is a toy for him too:

I love my little Ricky. He has added so much joy to my life!

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