Meet Me At The Fair!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall officially arrived yesterday, but I don't think New Mexico received the message. I know while driving around yesterday my car's thermometer registered 93°! So I was a little wary about my plans to go to the New Mexico State Fair with friends right in the middle of the afternoon. I made sure to bring a big bottle of water (and band-aids since there would be lots of walking!).

Unfortunately, the New Mexico State Fair does not have a very good reputation. I heard more negatives than positives about the Fair. From size, to cost, to quality, to safety, I heard it all. So, admittedly, my expectations weren't very high. 

I'm not really a "fair" person. I grew up in the same town as the Western Montana Fair and attended a few times, but I don't really have any strong memories of it. In the last six years I've been to the Minnesota and Indiana State Fairs. Both of those fairs are "professional," large-scale operations. 

Now that I've visited the New Mexico State Fair (whose slogan is "Meet Me at the Fair!"), I can say that it is on-par with all fairs I have attended. I was just blown away by the Fair. Even though we went on the second-to-last day of the 2 week fair so most of the show animals were gone, 3 hours wasn't nearly enough time to see everything, not even close!

Enjoy the pictures!


Homemade pie! Raspberry on the left, Lemon-Pineapple on the right.

52 years at the State Fair!
In the Dairy Barn:

I was so excited I forgot to take pictures of the chocolate milk shake made fresh in the kitchen of the Dairy Barn.

Even more reason to buy a shake or ice cream!

In the "Made in New Mexico" building:

Salsa, hot sauce, and tortilla chip sampling!

Dolores was sampling her salsa's and hot sauces. Incredibly tasty!

Salsa winners!

Look at all of the salsa's made in New Mexico!


A portion of the proceeds benefit the Rio Rancho Rotary.

The healthiest food at the Fair!

Fried beer! Yep... fried beer!


FFA had a barn of baby animals!




Pigmy or Miniature Goat in a child playhouse.



Dairy Heifer in the Dairy Barn

Award-winning shearing...

Wool gloves from Bemidji, Minnesota! (Home of the Great Minnesota Get Together!)

 First Place Sunflower!

The Fair was packed!

We ended our day with the State Fair Rodeo (so much fun) and a concert by country singer Jerrod Niemann!

State Fair Rodeo grounds (Tingley Coliseum)


  1. Anonymous9/23/2012

    At one fair on Missoula you got stung by a bee when we were visiting with our daycare. They rushed you, crying and half-running to the paramedic tent. From your sister.

    1. On the spinning strawberries.


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