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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Halfway through Memorial Day weekend already (I know, I know... that's not the mindset I should have). It's still so hot in Albuquerque; over 90° here today... blah. I did make it out this morning (before it got too hot) to visit the Village of Corrales. I have to admit, since moving to Albuquerque, I haven't done much exploring in my own back yard, so my morning in Corrales marked by first time in the Village. For some reason, I thought Corrales was 20-30 miles away, but really it was not more than ten minutes to drive to. 

I specifically went to the Corrales Growers Market - the farmers market of Corrales. I was really hoping for a morning pastry and flowers and to see what the sellers had for fruits and veggies. 


Roasting green chiles


Gorgeous flowers.... just beautiful!

The Village of Corrales is smack in the middle of campaign season. No, not the campaign you are thinking of, Corralens (would that be what people who live in Corrales are called?) are deciding who to vote for as Pet Mayor! This is a fundraiser for the Village that runs through the end of September. Each vote is $1 and proceeds benefit the Village. As a tourist, not a resident, I didn't feel it was right for me to vote.

One of the candidates was asking for votes at the entrance to the Corrales Growers Market:

Candidate for Pet Mayor of Corrales

I didn't end up with a pastry. There wasn't much to choose from for ready-to-eat baked goods. I wasn't feeling up for a breakfast burrito, but I did consider buying a green chile sourdough loaf. That is, until I saw the price - $6! I just couldn't do it. Maybe another time.

I wasn't too tight with my wallet and bought cucumbers and flowers:

All of these for $1

I couldn't resist bringing home a bouquet of flowers!

I bet I was the only one using this reusable bag:

Republican Party of Iowa cloth bag!

The Market was pretty small, so rather than turning around and heading home, I drove down Corrales Road to see the sights of the Village.

Cow crossing... not something seen in my neck of Albuquerque

This one either!


I had to pull over to make a call at one point and found this great fence:

Corrales is home to San Ysidro Church. I don't know much about the church except that each Spring, New Mexicans flock there to help restucco it. I drove by the church and was surprised at how small it is. I wasn't sure if it was appropriate to take pictures or not, so I thought better of it and didn't. But here is the sign leading up to it:

Only in Corrales:

Art classes and guns? Okay!

I stopped by a thrift store and was surprised by the quality and selection of items:

Cute hand-painted triptych

...and only $8!

Unique milk-jug lamp

Something about this statute caught my eye

It isn't my time period, but still something about it... (I flipped it over and it's from Home Goods,
which is opening just blocks from my apartment in a few weeks!!!)

I bought this great chain necklace for $3!
It is kind of a faux rose gold color.

Corrales was really a great place to spend a Sunday morning. I think I will head back to the Corrales Growers Market for their harvest festival.

Have you discovered anything or anyplace new recently?

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