Belts, and Wallets, and Shoes... Oh My!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I am wrapping up my weekend, getting ready for another busy week a work.

I got a fun surprise today... free belts, wallets, and shoes! I am part of a Yahoo group called Freecycle. Freecycle is a subscription group in Albuquerque of people who give away items for free, and in exchange are able to ask for items they are interested in receiving. Everything listed is free and in as-is condition. You cannot barter or trade items, just offer them up for the taking. The hardest part is responding quickly to posts   containing things you want. I love this group. I have gotten rid of a lot of things, I would normally have either hung on to or never even though to think about giving a second look too. I've also been able to snag some pretty cool things on Freecycle.

Today was, by far, my best "get" ever. The offer was for a box of 6.5-7 size women's shoes in all kinds of conditions and styles. I sent off my email that I could pick up anytime (a bonus that the offer was in my neighborhood) and crossed my fingers. I heard back last night that they were mine and picked up this morning!

Look at the goods!

All of the shoes!!

All of the other goods in a pile to be sorted through!

The belts:

Fashion belts! The three on the right were too big, but still fun to try on!


Love them both!!


Black wedge boots

Great red suede heels and turquoise wedges

Hot pink wedge sandals

Beaded ankle sandals (I didn't keep either).

I tried these on at Goodwill once, but couldn't justify buying them! Karma?

Kind of nasty boots. I didn't keep any of these.

All these brown shoes!

Fit like a gem... perfect!

Polka dot wedges. Too big, but very cute!

Just a smidge too small; but I loved them!

Nike and New Balance!

Slippers... can never have enough!

Passed on these...

8 pairs of flats!


I have looked at these so many times at Target!

A delicate ruffle detail.

Booties... very trendy.

Isn't this so cool?! All of these for free!

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