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Sunday, November 25, 2012

I personally think it's a bit too early to start decorating for Christmas (but go for it, all you who are deep in the midst of totes, twinkle lights, and tissue paper!). But, it's certainly time to browse stores for decorating ideas.

Over Thanksgiving, my mom and I fell in love with a storefront display in a local Minnesota bookstore. The storefront belongs to Half Price Books on Ford Parkway in Minneapolis (side note: I sooo wish Albuquerque had a Half Price Books!).

It's a Christmas Tree made of green and red-spined books!

And... a fireplace too...

made of Encyclopedia's!

Isn't that great?!

At Homegoods, I found this Christmas tree that is made out of magazine pages!

To prove that this trend is popular, a fellow blogger, Kim from Reposhture Studio made book page Christmas trees... and you know, once it hits blogland, it's confirmed popular! :-)

What a fun way to decorate for Christmas!

Any fun decorating planned (or happening) in your home?

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