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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Silver and gold have been on my mind this week. Since I didn't win the Lottery (granted, I didn't buy a ticket, but still...), I would like to formally ask Santa for a bit of silver and gold in my stocking. "Silver and gold"- actually oro y plata- is the motto of my home state, Montana, too. Actually, the real reason silver and gold have been on my mind, is because I finished my entryway makeover and I ended up featuring both silver and gold in my decorating scheme:

My new entryway!

I really should use quote marks around the term entryway, as I don't really have a formal entry space. Here is what I was working with before:

It looks like the catch all, junk space. Since my "entryway" is open to my dining room and kitchen, I felt it really deserved something more formal.

Like I said, the "entryway" is open to the kitchen...

Before, I was using a wire table my mom gave me when I moved. While it's a great little table, it just wasn't enough space to do the job of holding all the junk that accumulates at the front door.


It just wasn't cutting it. So after Thanksgiving I hit up Craigslist to see what I could find. I found a cute, petite hutch, but I couldn't see me moving it by myself and didn't want to bother friends for their help. 

Then I found the red dresser... and my heart skipped a beat. The same minute I saw it, I contacted the seller and picked it up the next day. It was $30, a bit more than I wanted to spend for its condition (there is peeing paint and it is very streaky), but the seller wasn't willing to negotiate at all. So I forked over the $30, and haven't regretted it since.

The great thing about the dresser is that is has so much storage space. There is more room than I need for "junk" and important stuff, like scarves and gloves.

Want to know a secret? The peeling paint bugged me so much that I used red fingernail polish to cover up the visible white primer underneath. If you look closely in the picture below, you can see both white and dark red... marks of my handiwork. :-)

Drawer pull... I still can't decide if I should keep them black or paint them silver.

I LOVE the keyhole (but want to take the paint off of it)!

For the time being, I won't be repainting it. It really serves its purpose and the color is great. It just isn't... up to the standards (that sounds snarky) I would have gone to if I painted it.

Ricky is a big fan of the dresser...

Little Ricky!

Then came the time to accessorize! I had quite a few items I wanted to put on it... a glass bowl, a tray, a cute card, a vase... so I put them all on top and it was... GREAT! But I was missing a few things, so I found an awesome frame and bud vase to add to the mix.

Bud vase from Goodwill!

Amazing frame from HomeGoods!

Look at the trellis detail!

The frame is waiting for a picture from the Thanksgiving family portraits my sister, mom, and I had taken.

I was then on the hunt for a mirror for the wall. But I wanted a good, cheap one and mirrors are like rugs: so overpriced for their utilitarian purpose! I went to HomeGoods (where I found the $3 frame) to look for a mirror and found a few contenders (this one my favorite) but they were all so expensive:

This cute duo, was $49.99. I just couldn't justify it; plus, I was't sure it was right for the space.

So I kept looking, patiently (please, I love it) going to a bunch of thrift shops. I wish I had the eye of so many other bloggers to see an ugly, old mirror, and see its beauty if it were only spray painted. But eventually, I found a mirror that I felt wouldn't compete with the dresser (or the other rooms, especially a big dining table makeover I am working on).

I visited the new St. Vincent DePaul thrift store on Menaul in Albuquerque and found this...

Honestly, it was priced above what I wanted to pay, but I kept it in mind as I went to other thrift shops. In the end, I let my rational side take over and realize that $15, for a beveled, framed mirror of its size, was not out of question. So I went back and, thankfully, they still had it.

You can see the detail of the 3-D dot around the inner frame. The frame itself if plastic, and I knew I wanted to spray paint it silver with leftover spray paint from (yikes!) 2 years ago. The plan was to unscrew the back and take out the mirror so I didn't actually get paint on the mirror itself, but the frame is glued to the back and the back to the mirror. I ended up taping newspaper over the mirror, which was tough to get the tape under the frame, and spray painting it outside.

Of course, I ran out of spray paint before I was done, so I ran to Michael's to pick up a small bottle of silver paint for touch ups. It's a pretty close match, I have to admit. 

Now the entryway looks, dare I say, elegant. I am really, really happy with how everything turned out. I ended up spending a bit more than I wanted, but I think the results are well worth it.

Plus, the chalkboard in the before picture is for sale on Craigslist. Cross your fingers it sells! :-)


What do you think of the entryway makeover? Have you scored anything good on Craigslist recently?

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  1. What a great update! I love the red dresser - nice pop of color and awesome storage. That mirror was a great find and works so nice above the dresser!


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