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Friday, January 11, 2013

Well, I've caught the crud that has been going around. It's definitely not the flu; but let me be honest when I say: "I am so thankful for tissues!" No energy, achy joints, runny nose, I have it all. Blurg. Hoping to kick it by work on Monday. *Crossing my fingers*

Before I got sick (actually on New Years Day) Morgan and I went skiing at Santa Fe Ski Basin. I hadn't been skiing in about ten years, since I last went as a sophomore in high school on the winter field trip. I was hoping skiing was a little like riding a bike: that it would just come back to me.

This was both Morgan and my first time to Ski Santa Fe and Morgan's first time snowboarding. Before this he had only ever been skiing once.

It was a cold day at the mountain (10° below zero at the summit!). But for the most part we bundled up and had fun. I kind of just jumped into it and went down a few runs. I could see Morgan practice falling and working his tail off with his class.

I fell only one time (to your and my shock both), but was pretty certain I was going to never catch my breath after that (or warm up). But I realized that it's not that I'm not fit (but I'm not), but that the base is at 10,350ft, so I definitely noticed that catching my breath was more difficult.

In the end, Morgan and I met up for lunch and to hit some of the lower runs together. 

Somewhere near the pink arrow is where I fell

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