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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

So... I'm a cat person. I admit it. I have loved cats since I was a little girl. My dad was pretty certain (as I'm sure many parents are) that I was going to become a veterinarian because of how close I was with my grandma's cats.

My grandma, until recently always had multiple cats, so I guess it was natural that I would love cats too. Her last cats, Sam, Niggy, and Max, are the three who are the most vivid in my memories. And man did I love Max. In fact, on my first plane ride (to Texas to visit my aunt with my sister, mom, and step-dad), I sat in the window seat crying, not because I was worried I wouldn't make it back home to see my family again, but because I missed Max.

So, I guess it wasn't a surprise when, not even four months out of college, I adopted a cat of my own: Ricky Ricardo Ruetten who I dedicated a post to on his third birthday. In the two years since, I have himmed and hahhed (is that how you spell it?) about getting him a playmate, but always decided against it, because really, Ricky is perfect.

But then, a month ago, my boss called to say she had a stray cat living in her backyard and wanted to see if I might want her. She bribed me with videos and pictures, but I told myself I was going to hold steady and not take her. Surely someone else would, right? But then she asked me the equivalent of asking a food fan, "want this last piece of pizza or should I throw it away?" when she said that if no one took her by the end of the week (one day later) that she was going to take her to the shelter. 

Now, I think shelters are basically good places. The volunteers and staff at shelters their tails off (haha) to give temporary shelter to abandoned animals. But I just couldn't live with myself knowing I hadn't at least tried. So, even though I knew I shouldn't, I visited the little cat with another co-worker and fell in love at first sight. Within 20 minutes, I was loading her in my car in a borrowed crate and driving her the 50 miles home.

That first night, she stayed in my bathroom with her crate, water, food, and a makeshift litter box. She was warm, fed, quiet, and sleeping. 

She was so happy to be inside and warm that I couldn't
get a good picture of her in the bathroom because she
wouldn't stop purring and walking around.

Yeah, sleeping... until midnight when she woke up crying and wouldn't stop. Knowing I had work the next day, I made the (wrong) decision to let her out. Ricky went crazy and they chased each other a meowed all night. I took her to the vet the next morning to see if she was micro-chipped and (at the time) to have them tell me her gender. I was both hoping she was and wasn't chipped (I wouldn't feel I had to keep her but I wanted to keep her). She wasn't chipped; she wasn't spayed; she was a she; and she was mine. 

I couldn't name her Lucy because, well, it just didn't fit. She was an Odo, through and through. I got the name Odo from a Star Trek character who is a "Changling," not a human, so he lacks some definition in his face. When she looked up at me with her yellow-greenish eyes, immediately I saw that character in her face. (Thanks, Dad, for making me watch Star Trek growing up).

Odo and her "Changling" eyes

Just like the vet, and all of my friends, co-workers, and family, reassured me, within days, Ricky and Odo were content enough with each other. They had an eye on each other, but maintaining their distance and moved on with their lives. 

Then the.worst.thing.ever happened. Two days after taking Odo to the vet for her booster shots and first check up, she went into HEAT! This was just a week and a half ago and I thought I was going to go insane! She was crying this gutteral meow, bothering Ricky, awake at all hours of the night calling for tomcats. It was so bad, that after night one, Ricky went to stay at Morgan's until she was over it.

I was desparate to keep her quiet at night so I bribed her with wet food, me sleeping on the couch, and tons of cat nip.

Odo exhausted after a few days in heat

Last Thursday, Odo got fixed and chipped, Ricky came home, and my house was getting closer to normal. After Ricky wouldn't settle down I went out and purchased a pheromone diffuser and it really seams to have made a difference. Finally on Sunday night (after 36 hours with the diffuser), both cats were quiet and I got a full night sleep.

It's been a journey (and only a month), but I think things are going to be okay with the new addition!

Her color splits on her rear :-)

Odo loved her Christmas catnip toy from Morgan

What crazy unique names have you come up with for pets? Have you ever rescued a stray or adopted a shelter pet?


  1. Not only am I available for Cap Camp (the boys hung out at the bachelor pad), I'm also a great supplier of catnip.

  2. Anna Serrano1/09/2013


    What a cute story ! Your kitty cats are so lucky to have you.


  3. I am also a cat lover and kudos to you for taking Odo into your home. She looks really happy and content.


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