Dumpster Diamonds

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! If you're like me, you don't know a thing about football, but won't say no to million-dollar commercials and food! :-)

Last weekend I did a major clean of my kitchen, which means, bagging up recycling and taking it to the recycling bins, taking trash out, washing dishes and counters, blah, blah, boring. I had an empty cat litter tub that I had been hanging on to "just in case," but I resigned myself to finally taking it to the trash; I just don't have the room to hang on to it. When I threw it in the big dumpsters (thank you apartment living), I noticed a bunch of nice stuff at the top of the heap. I first noticed a container of tool heads, like the kind that are used to tighten bolts. I didn't need it, I don't even have the tool it belongs to, but I decided to look further and found some pretty good treasures.

Every once in a while I spot good things at the end of the month by the dumpster. The last weekend of the month is when most leases expire, so folks are looking to get rid of stuff as they move out.

Look what I found this time!

A rustic wooden box!
Back of the box
Hooks on top of the box
Rusty hinge
I'm thinking maybe a sand and seashell centerpiece during the Summer for my dining table.

I also found a bunch of black square, box like things. They all have notches in them like this:

Put together, they look like a shelving unit:

I am thinking a jewelry holder?! The back piece even has hangers on the back:

Lastly, I found this candle holder:

Yay for free stuff! Enjoy the game today! :-)

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