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Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Friday everyone!

Long before I began blogging, I was an avid blog reader. I always made it a point to read the "About Me" sections of the various blogs I read, hoping to stumble upon a blogger from New Mexico. But it never happened; I never found a blogger from New Mexico.

Even when I began blogging and started reading even more blogs as a fan, for inspiration, and out of curiosity, I still never found a blogger from New Mexico.

But that all changed last month, when I linked up my Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge to a few blogs using the tag: "Poppin' Tags ABQ Style." ABQ is the shorthand for Albuquerque, and that caught the eye of two gals located right here in the Albuquerque area! From "meeting" them, I was introduced to two other New Mexico bloggers, so now there are five of us! But serious, I'm sure there are more, so if you know other, let me know!

I am so excited to introduce all of my readers to them all! I hope you will be sure to stop by their blogs to say hi and take some time to look around their blogs!

About Me
Our family moved to Albuquerque, NM from Las Vegas, NV four years ago. At the time, our first baby, Mia was just 4 months old. Work moved us here and we always thought it would be a temporary move.... four years later we are still here and have come to love ABQ!  And green chile! We've lived in 5 houses in 4 years and still haven't found a place with soundproof walls, but we have found a perfect home for our family. It has plenty of room, a great yard for the kids, is in a central location, and best of's ours! It feels fantastic to be homeowners again! The original owners built the home the 60’s and lovingly cared for it until passing this last year. It has great bones, was well maintained…and needs a bit of a face lift. We’ll take you with us as we give our house a good coat of fresh paint and turn it into home! via

Mandy Jean @ Mandy Jean Chic

I am a proud law enforcement wife, a dog mom, a fashion/style/decor blogger, 4x4 enthusiast, make up loving, gun shooting, shoe crazy, plus size gal! I try to be kind, caring, smart, frugal, and passionate. I spent the majority of my youth traveling to dog shows with my grandmother. I showed dogs from the time I was 6 until I moved to New Mexico when I was 22. After High School I thought about moving to CA and attending a design college. Rather than leaving everything I know and starting a new adventure I decided to work in pharmacy. I was a certified tech for a few years and achieved everything I could. I quickly got bored.....  Maybe I will go back to school for fashion or design?? I took a job in district management instead. At 21 years old I was making really good $, I had a mustang, a place to live, a social life but I was still bored. January of 2007 I met my future husband at a car show and moved to New Mexico a few months after we met. I LOVE NEW MEXICO!!!!!!! Leaving my small town and moving to New Mexico has given me the chance to be the person I want to be and still keep my morals and everything my small town has taught me. via

Andrea @ State of the Home

My name is Andrea Sims and I am a 28 year old housewife and mother. I thought once I graduated from college my poor days were done but five years later I am married with two children and a husband in a masters program. So here we are still poor college students. This blog is about the ever changing state of my home. I love home decor and custom options but there are two HUGE problems to this: We are on a small budget (who isn’t?) and we are renters. Let’s just say I have learned to master the DIY and thrift-world as I slowly transform my home to the way I like it. Like I said, the state of the home constantly changes and does so for a few reasons. First off, a small budget prevents me from ordering everything that fits my design idea for a room so I have to get it slowly but surely. Second, sometimes my style changes. I learned that I love extremely colorful rooms- just not in my house. I like neutral bases with pops of color. This way I can change out the color pops without having to redo everything.

Hi! I'm Sharon. Welcome to my blog and my home on Desert Willow Lane. I'm slowly transforming our home into a happy, organized, beautiful place for me, my two kids and our mischievous dog. One project at a time.

Do you know any other New Mexico bloggers? If you do, please share their blog links in the comments below!


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! And I'm so excited to have "met" a few more ABQ bloggers :)

  2. Thanks for the feature!!!! We should have a ABQ blogger lunch!

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  3. Hi Julia! So glad to finally "meet" some other NM bloggers. We need to have a convention or something :) Sorry I'm late to getting around to this. My full-time job sometimes interferes with my blogging.

  4. I live in TX now but I'm originally from NM and miss it so much! Does that make me a NM blogger still? haha

  5. So, this is almost a year late... but I just saw your comment on my blog so I had to check out your blog, too! Go ABQ bloggers! I'm following you on Bloglovin' can't wait to see more!

    Amy @


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