Happy Birthday, Odo!

Friday, March 15, 2013

I normally reserve Friday's for Finding Fridays, but I am holding off on that post until next week because today is Odo's birthday!

If you have recently started reading It's Always Ruetten, read all about Odo's story here (and  thank you so much for following IAR; just like all bloggers, I love to see my GFC number increase :-) ).

Odo turns one today, March 15, 2013! Yes, I chose her birthday out of thin air since she is a rescue; but March 15, for some reason, fits her. {Before I go further, here is my shameless plug asking you to stop by and 'like' my new Facebook page for It's Always Ruetten}

Odo is a big fan of catnip, so I gave her a catnip turtle and she fell in love! I couldn't even get it out of the package before she jumped on the counter and claimed it as her own!

I love these plushy, refillable, catnip toys by Kong from PetSmart. Morgan got her one at Christmas and she loved it. I decided it was time to retire the Christmas mouse until December, and thought the little turtle was too cute to pass up on.

Ricky has no interest in catnip, so this turtle is just for Odo. Although, Ricky was a little suspicious of why Odo was acting so crazy... on the kitchen counter!

Happy birthday, sweet little Odo!

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  1. Happy Birthday Odo! I love cats, but sadly, my daughter is allergic to them and has asthma so we can't have one. Enjoy your kitty :)


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