Finding Friday: Adopting You

Friday, April 12, 2013

This is just a quick post dedicated to every one of you who has ever adopted (or been adopted by) a shelter pet.

This is fresh on my mind today because my mom's rescue cat, Gilbert, has been placed on hospice. Gilbert came from a no-kill shelter as Feline Leukemia positive and, unfortunately, has taken a turn for the worse in the last two weeks. As my mom ensures that he is comfortable, warm, and in want of nothing, it reminds me to be so thankful for the wonderful smiles my own shelter rescue, Ricky, has brought to me.

If you have a shelter pet you know the joys and mysteries they come with. They are wonderful and bring so much to the families they join. Please consider adopting a shelter pet if you are adding a furry friend to your family this year!

Resources for pet adoption: ASPCA | Humane Society of America | Pet Finder


  1. Thanks for posting this! I work with dogs and have a lovely rescue bunny from the SPCA. Giving animals a home is near and dear to my heart. :)

  2. Hi Julia! I wish we could have adopted a dog, but my daughter is allergic to cats and dog, so we had to get "hypoallergenic" pure bred mini-schnauzer. We couldn't imagine any other dog than Bocce for us though. Just wanted to let you know my Liebster Award post is up today. Thanks for the award, it was fun answering your questions.


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