The Wild, Wild West

Sunday, June 30, 2013

I have come to realize that I love living in a Western state. There truly is a collective identity of folks who live in the land of open spaces, clean skies, and cowboys.

Morgan and I spent yesterday at the Founder's Ranch in Edgewood, NM watching his dad compete in the End of Trail SASS cowboy shooting event. Yep, cowboy shooting, that's right. I'd never heard of it either. But it was so fun to be a spectator! Lots of pictures below!

As a member of SASS, Morgan's dad has to choose an "old-fashioned-westerny" (my description) name, so Clark becomes "Captain Clark" at End of Trail. He's the one with the yellow kerchief in the pictures below.

What I gathered about cowboy shooting (from watching and asking Captain Clark to explain what's going on) each individual in a posse (group) has to complete eight stations, shooting at different targets in a specific pattern with certain types of guns. Boom. (haha, literally)

Participants (and spouses) are encouraged to dress in period clothing, which add to the "old town" feel.

Each cowboy and cowgirl participant has their own cart to easily move around the supplies (aka guns & ammo) they need to be able to compete. The carts are all kind of similar, but no two are the same. I think Captain Clark's is pretty cool with the antique box with his family's name on it!

Morgan and I watched the last few rounds of competition and snapped this picture of Captain Clark's final scorecard:

Outside of the competition, there was a lot going on. Pretty much wherever we were, there was some type of entertainment happening. We saw a magician and knife thrower, Texas longhorn steers walking around, a Civil War re-enactment, and even a guy showing off his talent with a lasso!

I'm going to be honest here, since I know you're thinking it: my legs are super-duper white. But don't worry, I applied tons of sunscreen so I didn't burn like a lobster. Speaking of honesty, I'm going to say it: the whole shindig wouldn't be complete without good food! Luckily there were multiple food vendors including an awesome old-fashioned soda fountain vendor where we got drinks to cool off from the typically hot New Mexico summer day.

After the competition wrapped up, Morgan and his dad went clay pigeon (they were discs so I'm not sure if they are called pigeons) shooting. Dad won. 14 to Morgan's 11.

Aaaand.... Morgan made a big purchase!

Congrats, Morgan! Thanks for introducing me to cowboy shooting!

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