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Thursday, June 27, 2013


I can't believe it's already that time of the month to share what books I have been reading! Where did June go? More importantly, where did the first half of the year go?!

This month I read two great books and one... not so great one. In fact, I didn't finish the not-so-great one. My dad used to hold the philosophy that if he started a book he was going to finish it. But in the past few years, he has changed to think, "Why finish a bad book, when there are so many great ones out there waiting to be read?" I completely agree with my dad!

From Notting Hill With Love Actually by Ali McNamara

It's Always Ruetten: From Notting Hill With Love Actually by Ali McNamaraMovie fanatic Scarlett O'Brien dreams of a life as glamorous and romantic as all the big screen flicks she worships. When a chance house-sitting job in iconic Notting Hill comes along, she knows living in one of her favorite movie settings is an opportunity too good to pass up. Leaving behind her skeptical friends, family, and fiance, Scarlett heads to London and finds herself thrust into the lead role of her very own romantic comedy. But can real life ever be just like the movies? Larger-than-life new friends, a handsome but irksome new neighbor, and a mystery from her past may prove to Scarlett that living her life like a RomCom is more complicated than she thought! {Source}
Rain on Your Wedding Day by Curtis Edmonds

It's Always Ruetten: Rain on Your Wedding Day by Curtis Edmonds
Rain on Your Wedding Day is a modern Southern Gothic novel about one family's tragic past and the consequences that it holds for their future.
Five years ago, Will Morse was arrested and charged with the murder of his youngest daughter Trixie. Will maintained his innocence, and claimed that Trixie's death was a suicide. Although Will escaped criminal charges, he lost his job as a Coca-Cola executive in the scandal. His wife, Danielle, left him, convinced that he had some role in Trixie's death. Distraught and racked by grief and guilt, Will retreated to the safety and silence of a remote cabin in the North Georgia wilderness.
Will's only connection to the outside world is a phone call he receives once a year, at Christmas, from his daughter Alicia. But this year, Alicia calls to tell Will that she is paying him a visit. Alicia arrives with her fiancĂ©e in tow, and tells Will that she expects him to attend the wedding in the spring. 
Will wants to rekindle his relationship with her daughter, especially once he learns that she is pregnant. However, Will fears that attending the wedding will bring up painful memories from his past, and lead to conflict with his ex-wife and her family, who still blame him for Trixie's death. ...
Rain on Your Wedding Day is a poignant, moving tale about the need for forgiveness, redemption, and Coca-Cola. {source}

The King Thing by Neil Bastian
{This was the book I didn't like so I didn't finish reading it.}

It's Always Ruetten: The King Thing by Neil BastianJamie, a twenty-two-year-old university graduate, is tall, blond, and about to be crowned King of England. 
Griff is a shambolic thirtysomething petty crook who has drawn his younger brother Tudor into a spectacularly ill-judged armed robbery attempt. 
When Jamie stumbles accidentally into the midst of Griff's heist, the scene is set for a battle of wits which will horrify the Palace, divide the constabulary, confound the government, and thrill a global television audience - all on the eve of the Coronation. 
By morning, the world will know whether Jamie will be crowned or Griff will reign supreme. {source}

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