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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The time is here! It's July 3, which means it's time to share your best and favorite posts from January-June 2013 on your Pets, Kids, and Family on the first What I've Been Up too... highlight link party! Link up as many posts as you want below!

For me, the first half of 2013 has included quite a few family birthday's (my mom, uncle, aunt, and grandma all are pre-July birthdays), and of course fun times with Ricky and Odo!

I started off January celebrating my mom's birthday. We had family pictures taken around Thanksgiving, so it was fun to share one of my favorites on the blog.

I was really exciting to introduce Odo to you all for the first time in January and share the pretty crazy story of her first month with Ricky and me!

I remember all of the agonizing I did at the beginning of the year worrying that Odo and Ricky would never learn to live happily with one another. If only I'd known that in a few short weeks they would be paling around with one another, I would have been much more relaxed.

I wasn't sure how Odo was going to do outside. I basically kept her as an indoor cat until it warmed up. Then she explored the outdoors with my supervision. I remember the first time well... Odo couldn't decide if she liked the outdoors or not.


For the most part, Ricky remained King of the castle; doing what he wanted, when he wanted. 

We all celebrated Odo's first birthday on St. Patrick's Day in March!

She was so excited for her new toy, I could barely get a steady shot of her!

In April, I wrote about the impact of adopting a pet in my Adopting You post. There, I wrote about Gilbert, the cat who adopted my mom my mom adopted, and had recently become ill. Unfortunately, Gilbert did not return to better health and joined the many other loved pets that we have all seen off to heaven. He is in a much better place, with no pain, and all the food and hair brushings he can get!

Just recently I shared the pet names I call Ricky and Odo. I'm sure we all do it, but it made me laugh to realize I call them more by their nicknames than by their given names!

Clearly there is a trend these first six months of 2013. I love to write about my cats! I guess for me they are my kids. They bring me so much happiness and fulfillment; I can't imagine life without either of them. Ricky will always be my Little Ricky. The one who came into my life to show me what life is really all about. Ode's, well she's a trip. What a story on her. 

What have you shared on your blog about your pets, kids, and family? I can't wait to read what you've been writing about!

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  1. I am sharing our sweet Max not once, but twice Julia :-) Thanks for hosting this fun link up!


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