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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Do you remember back in April when I was nominated for a Liebster Award? Well, I'm lucky enough to be nominated not just once, but twice more, just this past week!


I'm not really sure what the etiquette is with being nominated more than once (I know when I nominated someone back in April, they nicely informed me they had already been nominated and didn't participate in mine), but I think it's such an honor to be recognized that I am going to go ahead and answer my nominators questions. Hope I'm not making a big faux pas!

First up is Merrit from Label Me Organized. Her blog is really cute so be sure to swing by and take a look!

Label Me Organized

What made you start your blog?
     I started my blog as a way to keep my mom updated on, what I felt were amazing, projects that I was working on. I was always taking pictures and forwarding them to her in emails. All the blogs I read made blogging look so easy, I thought, "psh... I got this" and jumped in head first.

What is the focus of your blog?
     Well, like I mentioned in my advice to new bloggers back on my first anniversary, I don't think blogs should be too limiting. I mean really you are writing for yourself, so if you want to write about food one day, travel another, and clothes another, do it! With that said, I try to focus my blog on crafting and intermittently cooking. But I sometimes post about design and like to keep my family updated about what's going on in my life and with my cats. 

What is your favorite part about blogging?
     My favorite part about blogging is editing pictures. I know that sounds tedious, but I love when I can take a "regular" not so good picture and through editing turn it into something else. I'm not going to lie that I also like receiving nice comments and recognition for a good project.

What has been the hardest part about blogging?
     I would say it's two-fold. The first is always having quality content. I have gotten much better at that the longer I have been blogging. The second part is trying not to compare myself to other bloggers. Some other blogs seem like they started when I did yet seem to have so much more success, make way better projects, and get featured more often. So it's a balance to not let either of the negatives take over.

What positive impacts have you gained in your life from blogging?
     I would definitely say that I have been more active in my community attending events and taking pictures and going to more things that I did before I blogged. I do it so I have something to blog about, but I realize that it makes me a better member of my community too.

If you could only read three blogs for the rest of your life, what would they be?
     That's a tough question. I swear everyday I add a new blog to my Bloglovin' feed roll. Let's see... I'm a huge fan of Goodwill Glam, she always comes up with great projects, Rain on a Tin Roof is great too. I would have to include the one and only Young House Love on that list because they were really the first blog that inspired me to jump into the blogging world (nothing like shooting right for the top, haha).

What is your favorite social media platform and why?
     Well, I really love Pinterest. I think it's pretty self explanatory why. I get so much inspiration and am always surprised how many readers find my blog through it.

What post did you enjoy writing the most?
     My cats are like my kids, so I always like writing about them. My favorite of my "cat" posts is a tie between Ricky's first birthday and "the story of Odo."

How do you schedule your posts?
     Uh... schedule my posts? Just kidding. I don't really schedule them. I try to plan out in my head what I want to write about and see if it has a good day to land on. I schedule birthday posts to land on the date, and of course, my Finding Friday posts on Friday. I've recently stopped posting project posts on the weekends and post random stuff on the weekends instead. I don't get as many views on my posts if I put them on the weekends. Other than that I don't have any sort of schedule laid out.

What do you hope to gain from your blog?
     This is a great question, and honestly, I don't have an answer for it. I'm not sure what I want to get out of blogging. I just know I have fun blogging and want to continue doing it!

         Thanks, Merrit for the nomination!

The second Liebester Award nomination is from Sarah at Creative Ramblings. Sarah's blog is great and I think you should start reading it, if you don't already!

What made you start a blog?
     I started my blog as a way to keep my mom updated on, what I felt were amazing, projects that I was working on. I was always taking pictures and forwarding them to her in emails. All the blogs I read made blogging look so easy, I thought, "psh... I got this" and jumped in head first.

What effect has blogging had on your life and your family?
     The biggest change is that blogging keeps me busy. As crazy as it sounds, there is always something to work on for my blog. Whether it's writing posts, editing pictures, or sharing on link parties, I swear I can always be working on my blog. One of the best changes is how happy blogging makes me. I truly love spending time making it as good as I can. It's a great feeling.

Who is your biggest supporter?
     Well, outside of my family (because they always support what I do), I would say hands down it's Morgan. Not only is he a great friend outside of my blogging "stuff" but he is always willing to take pictures for me, wait to take a picture of his food before I let him eat, and he always lets me know when he likes a post I write. There is also a co-worker of mine, Stella, who tells me how much she enjoys reading my blog.

Where do you write?
     On my couch; every time. I have a great office nook with a desk that overlooks mature trees and the pool in my complex, but I never blog there. I'm lazy.

How do you overcome writer's block?
     I actually just wrote about this at the beginning of the month. I've created a calendar of blog ideas based on weird and odd events going on around the world. They might trigger something that gets me writing. I also realize that it's my blog so if I want to post a collection of other people's recipes that I think look good, guess what, I can! It doesn't always need to be something I created.

What is your favorite go to recipe?
    One thing I am really bad about is repeating recipes. But, I love a potato-kielbasa-green bean dish that I will be sharing later this year. I also can always eat some sort of pasta. I'm easy that way.

What did you have for breakfast?
     Love this question. For breakfast this morning I had a whole wheat english muffin with black raspberry jam on one side and creamy peanut butter on the other with a glass of skim milk. Dang, I knew I should have made eggs and bacon. :-)

What is your favorite season and why?
     Okay, who's sick of hearing it? FALL! I love fall! I love the colors and foods and temperature of the season. Basically it's the best time of the year. I would follow that by spring, then winter, then far, far down the list: summer.  

If you could spend a $500 gift card at any one store, what would it be? 
     Easy: Goodwill.

Better way to connect with your followers; Facebook or Twitter?
     I would say Twitter, only because you can be guaranteed that everyone who follows you will see it. But I prefer Facebook because you can include pictures that show up in feeds. 

          Sarah, thank you so much for the nomination!

Thanks to both Sarah and Merrit! What a way to make a blogger feel great! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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