National Sisters Day

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Today is National Sisters Day! My sister, M, is three-and-a-half years older than me. Actually our birthday's are two days short of actually being that half year apart. Maybe that's why our grandma always gave us both gifts on each other's birthday? Nah, she was just spoiling us!

Cute printable for National Sisters Day from It's Always Ruetten

My sister and I have been pretty close for the most part. We certainly had our fair share of "you annoy me" moments growing up, but we never actually fought with one another. My parents would not have been okay with that. What's funny is that my sister and I don't look anything alike and in so many ways we are not similar. Yet in other ways, we couldn't be anything but sisters. If you have a sister (and are a sister too) you probably know what I mean.
Cute printable for National Sisters Day from It's Always Ruetten

One of those "they couldn't be anything but sisters" things is our immense love for our fur babies! This started many years ago when Buster our brother (or "bro" or "ween") joined the family. He gave us true unconditional love for many, many years. He passed away about two years ago, but he is never not with us. He was such a good friend to have.

King Buster on his throne of blankets, thank you very much.

When my sister graduated college and settled down, she adopted her own dog, named Buddy. He is definitely my sister's dog. Here she is with both of "the boys:"

One thing my mom always teased my sister and me about was the "dog language" (as she called it) that we picked up after getting Buster. You know what she means? All of the nicknames and shortcuts and talking to and for the dog that we do? That's what she meant. So when I found this quote, I knew there was not a better one out there to perfectly describe my relationship with my sister:

Cute printable for National Sisters Day from It's Always Ruetten

Love you, M! Buster, Buddy, Ricky, Odo, and Huey do too!

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