Utah 2013: Outdoors

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm not sure exactly what I thought Utah was going to look like. Maybe a cross between Colorado and Montana? Maybe more plain's like? Certainly not desert. I mean, it's Utah. Whatever I was imagining in my head is not what Utah actually looks like. In reality, Utah is a bit more New Mexico/Nevada/Arizona than Montana/Idaho/Colorado. For those of you who've been before, you're probably thinking, "duh." I just didn't know.

Regardless of the surprise that Utah's landscape was, it was pretty nonetheless. While on vacation A, my road trip buddy, and I visited the Great Salt Lake and Arches National Park. With some pit stops along the way I think I got a pretty good picture (no pun intended) of what eastern Utah has to offer.

On our first day in Salt Lake City we stopped by the stinkiest lake ever namesake Great Salt Lake to be as touristy as possible.

The saltiness of the lake has created an environment very few animals like to be around. But there are crazy gnats, or something gross, that ARE EVERYWHERE! They have no interest in humans, but literally as we were walking around that would fly up around our feet in swarms. It was pretty gross. 

The lake itself is pretty gross looking with a bunch of little shrimpy things and feathers and grossness. The water is really heavy because of the salt so I'm sure stuff gets trapped in it.

Note to everyone: if I am ever playing charades and get "Salt Lake" this is what I will do to describe the location:

The lake really does smell like rotten eggs. It's not a good thing. But there were homes nearby. Bless those souls.

On our way back to New Mexico, we stopped at Arches National Park and took the "car tour". It was really a unique experience.

Even the rest stops were landscaped beautifully! It's blooming lavender!

Have you ever traveled somewhere with one picture in your head only to be surprised by reality?

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