Utah 2013: Thrifting in Logan

Saturday, August 17, 2013

In honor of National Thrift Store Day, I'm sharing my thrifting finds from my Utah trip. One of my favorite things about traveling to new places is checking out the new and different thrift stores. I love that you never know what you will find in a thrift store. It might be total junk, or you could find that diamond in the hay stack. I had planned to visit Desert Industries (the Mormon Church's thrift stores) in Salt Lake City, but the timing of our full day there just didn't really allow for more than a visit to one DI (as the locals call it); and I didn't find anything there.

I had planned for us to stop by a mid century consignment shop just to see what they had. I was thinking I wanted to look for some things to hang on my walls in my bedroom, but in the end I didn't find anything I couldn't live without. But they had some great, great thing! A mix between walking through my great-grandma Emma's house and Mad Men.

They even had Brasilia dressers!

I had planned to spend most of Saturday shopping at thrift stores in Logan because I knew I wouldn't be able to attend the actually wedding ceremony and the reception didn't start until 7 pm. But, to my surprise, I visited all  of the two thrift stores in Logan on Friday, when the bride and A, my road trip friend were at the endowment ceremony. Even though it wasn't on my original schedule, I found some really great finds.

The first place I stopped was a local thrift store called Somebody's Attic. I didn't find much there but I did buy these cute shower curtain rings that match my headboard! I have big plans for these rings, as seafoam green doesn't really match my bathroom decor. Check back soon for the update!

The DI in Logan was a total success! I purchased two dresses (one of which I wore to the bride's luncheon on Saturday), a pair of dress pants, a 3/4 sleeve tweed blazer, and a pink corduroy skirt for less than $30!

The last place I visited was Somebody's Attic 2, the sister store to the shower curtain ring store. There I found a great dress for work and black footless tights (or leggings... although I think they are tights).

I total, I spent $37 and walked away with some really great items!

I want to throw a shout out big thank you to everyone who works and volunteers at thrift stores. I know I am very thankful for all of your hard work! Now I'm off to thrift locally with Morgan!


  1. Love your thrift store finds! Those furniture pieces are FAB!!!! I would have been dragging some of that home :)


  2. I really really really want the first dresser you pictured!!

  3. I love thrift stores too! I have never checked out the thrift stores in Logan so I will definitely have to make a trip up there. There's not a whole lot of thrift stores here in Utah County besides the DI's but there are a few great little furniture shop that I frequent regularly.


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