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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I wanted to add a statement piece over my headboard and really wanted to incorporate frames into whatever I created. I fell in love with these three frame collages but realized the cost of creating my own frame collage (even from thrift store frames) was just not going to fit in my budget.

Frame Collages Inspiration | It's Always Ruetten
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So what's a craft blogger to do? Take inspiration and run with it! I was at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore taking advantage of their relocation 50% off sale when I found two frames and two detailed white plates for a total of $3! Add a little spray paint, some left over craft supplies and I had myself 'framed' plates!

How to make 'Framed' Plates | It's Always Ruetten

The two metal frames were sitting abandoned on an empty shelf by themselves. No back, no glass, no cardboard insert. They were a pretty sad sight. On a shelf across the store were two gorgeous white dinner plates. 2+2=inspiration! Right there on the floor of the ReStore, I laid out the frames and put one plate in the center of each. Perfection! I was sure that the frames were the correct scale for the plates and that the plates fit "inside" the frame (even though there was no glass).

When I got the frames home, I took an old homemade headboard that I had in the back of my closet and disassembled it to get the foam board on the back.

After getting the "wing" piece off, I used a combination of a knife and scissors (because I don't own a box cutter) to trim it to slid into the frame.

Once you get the two pieces of foam cut you are ready to move on to the fun part!

I wrapped my boards in a fun, geometric coral print wrapping paper (from Target), but other ideas would be to use scrapbook paper, fabric, paint... the ideas are endless.

Geometric Coral Wrapping Paper from Target | It's Always Ruetten

At this point I took my frames outside and gave them two coats of Valspar's Indigo Streamer spray paint. Don't forget to spray the edges!

Once your paint is fully dry, assemble the frames by sliding the wrapped foam board into the frames. To hang them, I drove a nail through the the foam board at the point I wanted my plates to hang. The frames (even with the foam board) are so light that I didn't need to hang them separately from the nail in the foam board. I used plate hangers and hooks to secure the plates to the wall.

How to make 'Framed' Plates | It's Always Ruetten

Even though the frames look black, I promise they are a deep, rich navy color.

Just a quick recap. To make your own 'framed' plates you will need:

1. 2 plates (2 plate hangers and 2 plate hooks, 2 nails)
2. Two frames without glass or back
3. Foam board
4. Wrapping paper, paint, scrapbook paper, etc (to cover the foam board)

1. Cut the foam board to the appropriate size
2. Wrap the foam board in the wrapping paper
3. If needed, spray paint your frames and let completely dry
4. Slide the wrapped boards into the frames
5. Hang the frames on the wall using a nail and the plate hooks (driving the nail right through the board)
6. Hang the plates on the hooks

How do you think they turned out? I love that they are 3D!

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  1. That looks great, I love the paper you picked for the background ~ Lisa

  2. What an adorable idea! I am currently trying to figure out some crafty, thrifty ways to spruce up our new guest bedroom (the budget has been blown on the actual house, lol) and this is certainly a cute idea to give some color, texture and dimension to a room! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a great idea! Love how simple and colorful it turned out.
    Corey @ Tinysidekick

  4. Wow, that is amazing Julia! I love the color too! Thank you for sharing!

  5. These look beautiful and such a great idea! Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Those plates look great framed, nice job!!

  7. Cute idea! thanks for sharing!

  8. Came out great, love the styling. Please I want to invite you to join my link party (goes live tonight) on Thursdays SWEET HAUTE Share link party. Would love you to share all your projects!!!

    ~Be Sweet
    Christina at

  9. What a great idea?! I love the wrapping paper you chose. So colorful and happy. I just popped over from the linky party at Artsy Fartsy Mama. I just started my own blog. Hope to see your around!

    -Tasha (Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body-

  10. Great use for plates as art.

  11. INSPIRED!! Love this! I am so going to do this for our master bath Julia! Thank you for sharing this at the party this week! I am featuring it on my Facebook page and have pinned it to the You're Gonna Love It board on Pinterest :-)

  12. Just wanted you to know, I loved this so much that I featured it on The DIY'ers today!

  13. What a fun idea! I love how it contrasts with those white plates and makes them stand out! Pinning, and thanks for sharing at my link party!

  14. Stunning! Beautiful choice in wrapping paper!


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