How to Get Your White Sneakers Back

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A few months ago while scouring looking around Goodwill, I found a pair of cute Old Navy polka dot AND glitter girls sneakers. Surprisingly the size 4 girls shoes fit perfectly; so I picked them up! But they were... well-worn. Scuffed and a little gray. After I got them, I ran across this post on how to clean Converse shoes and I filed it away to remember for later. But then I reorganized the storage under my kitchen sink and found a Magic Eraser! The light bulb in my mind went off!

Have an old pair of shoes that could use a cleaning? Check out this easy tip from It's Always Ruetten

I bet you know where I'm going with this. Yep, I used a Magic Eraser to take my shoes from wha?-to-white!

-Insert Blogger Fail Here-

When my laptop crashed I lost the "before" pictures of the shoes. But, the shoes had your typical wear from walking around in a desert community with white soled shoes. Scuff marks and dirt were on the toe and the edges of the shoe. 

- Back to It -

So, all you need is a Magic Eraser and water. It's really simple, I promise. Wet the Magic Eraser with water and scrub it on the areas of the shoes you want to clean. You don't even need a new Magic Eraser... look at the grubby, tiny leftover piece I used:

Do you have a pair of sneakers that could use a cleaning?

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  1. Thanks that is a great tip.

  2. My daughter's shoes are always in need of a little TLC - thanks for the lightbulb idea ;-)

  3. I love magic erasers! They really are magic ;)

  4. Cool trick! I've never used a magic eraser, but it sounds awesome!

  5. I keep a stock of magic erasers with my cleaning stuff. They are magic!

  6. Great tip.. I have been sad about my white shoes looking ugly, I will have to give this a try now. :)

  7. Hmm, I have some yellow shoes that need this treatment on the white rubber part. Thanks for the great idea!



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