Glamorous Winter Wreath {Week of Wreaths}

Monday, December 9, 2013

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! Maybe you spend the last two days setting up Christmas decorations like I did? It really is great to have everything put isn't it? Except for making my stockings and tree skirt, I have everything up and it looks great! I'll share pictures soon!

I went a little crazy with wreaths this year (not surprisingly). This year, I have three wreaths inside and one outside. Yep, in my one-bedroom apartment. But I promise, they aren't overwhelming!

To share all of my new wreaths and all of the other wreaths I'm loving, I'm dubbing this Week of Wreaths!

First up is my Glamorous Winter Wreath.

Glamorous Winter Wreath @ It's Always Ruetten

Like I mentioned on Friday, I'm going for the black, white, and red color scheme for this Christmas. Knowing I wanted to decorate with wreaths,  headed to Hobby Lobby looking for inspiration (after scouring Pinterest). I knew I had the frosted red berries (I got them for pennies on the dollar at my local pay-by-the-pound Goodwill) but other than that I was at a loss. After a few minutes (more like 30) of wandering the aisles, I came across the pearlescent berries and it all clicked.

To create your own glamorous winter wreath you will need:

1 wreath form cut in half
1 spool of black satin ribbon (2" x 4 yds)
1 branch of white pearlescent berries (Hobby Lobby)
1 branch of red frosted berries (Hobby Lobby via Goodwill)
1 cute sign (Michael's last year)
Straight pins
Wire cutter
Hot glue gun

Step One: Unwrap your ribbon from the spool. 
Step Two: On the back, pin one end of the ribbon with straight pins.
Step Three: Wrap the ribbon around the wreath being sure to overlap and pull tightly to create a smooth surface.
Step Four: Using straight pins, pin the last end to the back.
Step Five: With the white pearlescent berries, slip the bottom of pick through one of the overlaps of the ribbon (this way you can reuse the wreath without making marks in the ribbon).
Step Six: Using wire cutters, cut up the red berries into smaller sections
Step Seven: Place the smaller pieces of red berries in different overlaps of the ribbon.
Step Eight: Hot glue two thumbtacks on the back of the cute sign.
Step Nine: Pin the cute sign to the wreath.

DY Glamorous Winter Wreath from It's Always Ruetten

I love that it is a little different for a winter wreath!

Check out my wreath from last year with the LET IT SNOW sign:

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  1. Hi! I LOVE your project, thank you for sharing. :-) I'm a new follower stopping by from the DIYers Link party.

  2. Very cute, Julia! I love how it has that glam feel to it. So many holiday decorations can go overboard but this is just right! Thanks for sharing this at Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop!


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