A Good Place for a Cat Nap

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Did you make it through the first day of the week? I am so not looking forward to having five straight days of work. No mid-week day off? No half days? Oh, it's going to be a challenge. But I look forward to coming home each night to Ricky and Odo and curling up on the couch with one of my favorite Christmas presents from this year... an electric sherpa throw!

Ricky and Odo can't get enough of it; or of their blankets from my sister!

First up is little Odie...

But Ricky is really the one who is attached to the electric blanket. I even turn it on in the morning so he can lay on it until it turns itself off.

But Ricky's favorite part about Christmas are all of the boxes to move in to!

I hope all of your furry family members had a great Christmas too!

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  1. Oh, your kitties are so cute! I have a black cat who looks so much like yours :) She would KILL for an electric blanket!


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