My {QUIRKY} New Years Resolutions

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I decided to lighten things up a bit with this my New Years Resolutions for this year. I think most people, whether they resolve to or just say they will, strive to eat better, save money, pay off bills, and be a better person at the beginning of the year, and I too want to do those things. But there are other things that I want to resolve to do in 2014. So without further ado... I present -

QUIRKY New Years Resolutions from It's Always Ruetten

1. Respond to everyone who comments on the blog.
     This is pretty self-explanatory. I stopped responding to comments in the latter half of last year and I want to challenge myself to answer everyone who comments on the blog. I think it will make me a better blogger and form stronger relationships with my readers.

2. Alternate reading e-books on my Kindle with a physical book I already own.
    Last year I more than met my resolution to read 12 books in the year (one a month), so this year I want to stay on pace with that, but alternate reading a book on my Kindle and a book off of my bookshelf!

3. Shop my closet!
     I own enough clothes for three women. Seriously. It's ridiculously. My sister reminds me of this whenever I complain about laundry or storage space. I have enough clothes that I can go weeks (yes, weeks) without doing laundry and not have a problem finding something to wear. So, I want to challenge myself to not buy any new clothes this year and to "shop my closet"! Meaning I want to put together new outfits I haven't thought of wearing before with the clothes I already own. I did buy new rings at Charming Charlie on Friday, but I got three for $16, including a simple gold ring that should hold me over the rest of the year. But I really don't need anymore jewelry either. Barring splitting my pants or ripping a hole in the knee of my jeans, I don't need anymore clothes so this will be a fun one!

4. Enter the surveys at the bottom of receipts.
     What? Yep, I want to enter the surveys at the bottom of shopping receipts. I mean, somebody's gotta win them, right? So far I have entered one from Home Goods from the end of last year and one from Charming Charlie. I'm going to see if my luck is on the good side this year!

5. Travel to a state I have not been to before.
     Just like last year, this is a resolution/goal that I have for myself every year. I already have a trip booked to Las Vegas this Spring with my college roommate, so I will be able to check Nevada off of my States-I've-Visited list!

I'm looking forward to the "challenge" of my resolutions! I'll share how they are going throughout the year!

Did you make any resolutions for this year?

{I party with these bogs.}


  1. This year I don't really have a more of a mantra for the Be in the Moment!

  2. You know something Julia? Believe it or not one of my pet peeves are bloggers that respond to every comment on their blog. There is one blogger I know of that answers every comment practically the same way. Very robotic! To me, it's far more important to visit a blogger who comments on my blog than to give a comment that isn't necessary. If someone has a question, then certainly I would answer, but otherwise I just head over to their blog and return the comment luv. If a commenter doesn't have a blog, then I always thank them for visiting.

    If you are going to respond to comments, then make sure you have a plug in that alerts the person that you responded. But again, if your goal is to build relationships, visit and leave meaningful comments on their blog. smarter, not harder.

    Just my not so humble opinion ;)

    Thank you again for joining our Hop this week! I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Good luck with your resolutions! I have so many books on my kindle that I need to read! I think I'll join you and try to read the ones I have on there already by the end of the year.
    Thanks SO much for linking up to Hit Me With Your Best Shot! Hope to see you again tonight!

  4. Love your ideas. And yes enter those surveys that's a good one, will join u in this one. Thanks for linking up to the all things pretty party.

  5. my favorite: to respond to everyone that reads your comments! As bloggers thats so important that we all take the time to read and respond! I know I do atleast a few times a week, I try to read as many blogs as I can So many talented people its amazing!

  6. I'm especially loving resolution #4 because I always says I'm going to enter those contests or take those surveys and then I end up throwing out the receipts instead. Good luck sticking to these :) - Emily @ Words I Wheel By

  7. Resolution number 4 is my fave. Let us know when you win!

  8. Sounds like fun resolutions!

  9. These are great and attainable resolutions and I have no doubt that you will accomplish them all. Thank you for sharing and linking up with us at the #WWDParty. Happy Sunday.

  10. Great ideas. I have to agree with one of your other commenter's though, I don't think you need to reply to EVERY comment, if someone just says "that's cute" what are you gonna say ? "Thanks"???
    I do love the Shop your Closet idea, and the read actual real books ideas, and I am sure someone does win the survey and it might just be you!
    I plan to be awesome this year , at least that's what I'm telling anyone who asks! Also slightly bizarrely, I've always wanted to be able to do the splits so I need to start working on that too, maybe this will be the year I manage it!

  11. You can pass some clothes my way. I have four pairs of jeans. Three pairs of yoga pants. One sweatshirt. lol...I do have a lot of sweaters, but my closet is so's scary.

    Love the receipt you got me thinking...


  12. I also made a resolution about travel :) So far I have booked one week to Colombia, but I also want to do more traveling on weekends...

  13. Hi Julia - thank you so much for sharing your resolutions with us at Best of the Weekend - they are definitely inspirational!! Pinned! Hope you are having a great week!

  14. I also have WAY too many clothes. I just need a fashion expert to come in and show me how to wear them! I also own a Kindle and although I love it, I do miss reading a paperback book. So I'll be trying to read some of my favorite "real" books again this year. These are great goals and I hope you meet all of them, Julia!


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