The {$8.50} Reason I Broke My New Years Resolution

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

If you remember back to January, I listed the following as one of my New Years Resolutions:
3. Shop my closet!     I own enough clothes for three women. Seriously. It's ridiculously. My sister reminds me of this whenever I complain about laundry or storage space. I have enough clothes that I can go weeks (yes,weeks) without doing laundry and not have a problem finding something to wear. So, I want to challenge myself to not buy any new clothes this year and to "shop my closet"! Meaning I want to put together new outfits I haven't thought of wearing before with the clothes I already own. I did buy new rings at Charming Charlie on Friday, but I got three for $16, including a simple gold ring that should hold me over the rest of the year. But I really don't need anymore jewelry either. Barring splitting my pants or ripping a hole in the knee of my jeans, I don't need anymore clothes so this will be a fun one!
Well... that's still the truth. I still have enough clothes that I can go weeks without doing laundry. It's also true that I shopped my closet (heavy hint: shopped) for the first six weeks of the year. It was fun, I put together pieces I hadn't paired together before.

But I found that I was only keeping this resolution by staying away from my regular clothing stores (thrift shops) and it was kind of getting hard to stay away. So, I got to thinking. I decided that I was going to expand my resolution and have evolved it so that I will not budget money separately for clothes, but if new clothes fit into my "shopping" budget then I am allowed to buy them. And I have to give up something in my closet for each new item I bring in.

I like quantity over quality. I don't know why. But at least I fess up to it. So I hit up a (new-to-me) Goodwill - the 99 cent Goodwill in Albuquerque hoping to find some good deals. Every item is only 99 cents... unless it has a pink tag on it. What is a pink tag? It means the item is 50 cents!

I hit the jackpot and spent only $8.50 (including a 10 cent donation)! Check out my great finds below!

Red Target T-shirt
Old Navy Skirt
Brown, Cream, and Hot Pink
Khaki Pants from...
Ann Taylor Loft (and no, I'm not normally a size 4 - way too small normally)
Black Tweed Fitted Blazer
From Nordstrom's!

But the real deal was finding a perfect black strapless gown! Normally all dresses are $1 (according to the check out clerk), but since this gown had a pink tag, he honored it and gave it to me for 50 cents!!

I also bought two white long sleeved shirts, one t-shirt that reads I {heart} MN, and a shirt to use to recover a pillow for this spring.

That means I got 9 items for $8.40 + 10 cent donation! I don't think this hurts the wallet too much!

Have you found any great thrifty deals recently?


  1. Wow! You hit the thrift store jackpot girl! I love that tweed blazer! I've been to the $.99 cent Goodwill, but haven't had any luck there. Yet!

  2. Yes you really did hit the jacketpot! Awesome finds!

  3. A woman after my own heart - you did great - brava! Thanks for sharing and linking up with us at the #WWDParty. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. This is amazing, cannot believe you got all those items for so little. We have Charity Shops in the UK, but nowhere as cheap as that Goodwill store. Love the ballgown - just WOW!

  5. visiting you from I should be mopping the floor. Wow what a set of bargains!!!

  6. Only $8.50! What a deal! Great finds..I am especially in love with that skirt! SOOO pretty!

  7. Wow, I would've broken my new year's resolution too. Those are great finds for such a great price. Found your blog through Bewitch me & Titi blog hop.

  8. Lordy, if that store was in driving distance I'd be there every other day. You found some delightful items! My last best buys were a long slinky black cardigan/jacket from Chico's Traveler's line and the cutest pair of Nadine style shoes from Born Crown. Less than $10 for both.

  9. Stopping by from the You're Gonna Love it Tuesday linky :) Love the bargains you found!

  10. Like you, I have way too many clothes. Also, like you, I love to shop and enjoy getting new things. Unfortunately, I don't shop thrift stores often enough although I'm a thrifty shopper - sales, clearances, coupons... you get it! :D I also have the same rule - "new in, old out". After seeing these magnificent finds I'm heading to Goodwill this week! There's one just one mile from my house. I might be their new best customer!

  11. Wow you really got some great buys.

  12. You are a thrifty genius!!! Thank you for linking up to the Weekend re-Treat Link party!


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