The Perfect Corned Beef Dinner

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hi guys! I know I've been sharing a lot of cards here lately, but today, I'm about as far from paper crafting as I could get. I spent yesterday pulling together a damned tasty corned beef and cabbage dinner in honor of St. Patrick's Day. This is seriously the perfect recipe - the corned beef is cooked in beer!

I've been somewhat disappointed by the lack of sales on St. Patrick's Day-related foods. I have been monitoring the grocery ads for weeks and haven't seen corned beef or cabbage on sale. Maybe we'll see that them on sale tomorrow? Hopefully! I ended up finding my corned beef brisket at Wal Mart (and my potatoes).

1. One corned beef brisket (other ingredients based off of 2.5 lb brisket)
2. Five carrots
3. Five wax/red potatoes
4. One head of cabbage
5. Two 12 oz bottles of dark beer (I just bought the cheapest 6-pack)
6. Jar of prepared horseradish

1. Open the corned beef over the sink and rinse off the blood and liquid;
2. Place the brisket in a pot, add the mustard seed seasoning packet (comes in the brisket package), and cover with water;
3. Place on the stove on high;
4. Turn on high, cover the pot, and wait until the water comes to a boil, then turn down and simmer for one hour;
5. After one hour, pour out the water. Do this because it gets rid of the excess salt from the brisket;
6. Replace the water with 1 or 2 bottles of dark beer and the remainder water until the meat is covered;
7. Cover and bring to a simmer. Simmer for one additional hour per pound;
8. While the brisket is cooking, prepare the potatoes, carrots, and cabbage (cut them into 2 inch-ish pieces);
9. With 30 minutes remaining, place the potatoes in the pot, cover and continue to simmer;
10. With 15 minutes remaining, place the carrots and cabbage in the pot and cover. Continue simmering until the carrots are tender;
11. Drain the liquid, take the brisket from the pot and cut off or shred a portion;
12. Serve with horseradish.
Cooking the corned beef in beer is a trick I learned from my dad who learned it from my grandpa (his father-in-law). It's a great tip for a flavorful meat that doesn't have the salty taste of other methods of cooking.

What will you be eating for this St. Patrick's Day? Anything special?
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  1. Corned beef tastes better with Guinness ;) I'm Irish, so I am rather biased (LOL) Yours still looks pretty amazing. I make corned beef and cabbage/boiled dinner all the time. Tried many different recipes. Some in the one, some boiled on stove and others in the crockpot. I can't say any of them have been awful. I also never see corned beef go on sale. If anything around here the price goes up this time of year because so does the demand. It sticks that it is such an expensive cut of meat. The cheapest place is the local butcher. Brisket + your own boil 'corned beef' seasoning = store bought kind. ;) ~Chrystal @ (non blogger blog)

  2. This looks awesome! My husband and I aren't Irish, aren't big St. Patrick's Day ppl, but we do love good beer! I think this may become a tradition.

  3. Yum! Looks deeelish. (Thanks for linking up at The Makers!)

  4. Yum, looks good! :-)

  5. Your recipe sounds wonderful. The kids left a couple of the dark beers in the refrigerator a couple of weeks ago that I will use to make some corned beef and cabbage over the weekend. Thank you for sharing!

  6. We love corned beef. I usually make it in the crock pot, but this recipe looks pretty straight forward to make on the stove top. Beer addition sounds wonderful. Putting it on my menu plan to cook soon and pinning!
    Visiting from Naptime Creations link party, have a great week, Julia:)

  7. I have never made corned beef, in fact I usually don't do much of anything for St. Patricks day and I grew up outside of Chicago, where they die the whole river green! Might have to make a nice meal this year. Thanks for sharing and for linking up with the #bestoftheblogosphere

  8. Such a beautiful and classic dish! Your picture looks absolutely delicious!


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