{Another} Spring Wreath

Monday, April 7, 2014

I have a confession - I don't like grapevine wreaths. I know, it was only last week when I shared my Goodwill (grapevine) wreath, but I just don't really like how it looks. So, rather than pouting about it, I took inspiration from the wreaths I shared a few weeks ago and went back to my DIY-wreath roots (seriously, check out my other wreaths here). Here is the wreath I made for Easter that I (no surprise) LOVE!
Easy DIY Variegated Easter Wreath! Love the little bunny!

This is actually a very easy wreath to make and all of the materials can be picked up at your local craft store!

Styrofoam Wreath form (I upcycled mine from previous wreaths)
One Skein of Yarn (I used I Love This Yarn in Pink Camo)
Felt in pink, white, and green
Mossy Bunny on a stick (from Hobby Lobby)
Hot glue and glue gun
Paper clip
Now, this is really simple... wrap the yarn around the wreath form (just start by tying a loop around the wreath then start wrapping). I was going for the chunky looks, so I didn't make a point to keep the variegated colors lined up like I did on my Fall wreath. When you're done wrapping the yarn, tie it off on the back.

Once the wreath is wrapped, start making the felt rosettes. To do this, all you need to do is cut out a circle of felt, then cut a spiral shape into it. Once it's cut, roll it and hot glue the bottom. Then glue it to your wreath form. Add a few green felt leaves and place them in between the flowers.
Cute little mossy bunny on a Spring wreath!
The bunny comes on a long (like 2') pick so you will need to cut it down. I was able to bend it back-and-forth-and-back-and-forth until it broke off. Then stick it in the wreath near the rosettes. Voila!
Mossy bunny
Here it is on my front door:
DIY Yarn Wreath for Easter or Spring with felt rosettes and a mossy bunny
I'm really proud of the transformation of this wreath. In it's first iteration (seen here) it was a white yarn wreath. After being reused multiple times it started getting mucky and just needed to be scrapped. So I attempted to make a Valentine's Day wreath with polka dot duck tape (that went no where). So since January, this red, ugly wreath has been in my storage... until this weekend!
How to reuse a wreath form! Love the Spring wreath!
It was nice to step away from cards for a bit and get back to making wreaths - something I really enjoy making!

Have you set up any decor items for Easter or Spring yet?

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  1. Super cute! Love that yarn.

  2. I have never been to hobby lobby, but now I want to go, love that bunny. Cute wreath, you did a great job. If you have have shared yet at the Anything Goes Bacon Time linky, please do.

  3. What an adorable spring wreath and I especially love that moss bunny!Thanks for sharing at The Makers!

  4. Cute wreath - I don't know that I am a big grapevine wreath fan either - I think I only have one. I like this yarn idea since I crochet and knit and have tons of yarn. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ca-ute! I love yarn wrapped wreaths, and that little bunny is just adorable.
    I'm hosting a yarn series right now all about projects involving yarn. I'd love to have you link this up (or anything else with yarn/twine!)
    Yarn it All! Link Party on Bugaboo Blog

  6. Love this wreath! So elegant and yet simple too! Just wanted you to know that you're being featured this week at the Weekend Wind-Down link Party! Have a great week!

  7. Love this wreath! What a great way to use yarn! Thanks for sharing this with us at the Show-licious Party Craft. Pinned to the party board. :)


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