Step Cautiously {1 Year Later Project Update}

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

If you were reading my blog this time last year then you might remember the kitchen series I wrote last March where one of my projects was the transformation of a kitchen mat (if you weren't a reader, check it out here). Well, I'm back today with a one-year project update on it.

Last we saw Matt the Mat, it looked so nice in my white and red apartment kitchen:
Well, I can tell that it no longer looks like that. After about six months of daily use, the mat started to show every speck of dirt, dropped food, spilled liquid... everything. Another six months later (a year from the makeover) it was clear that I could no longer in good faith use the mat. Check out these gnarly one-year later pictures:
Looking back, white probably wasn't the best choice for a rug that was going to be used everyday. But I would wash the mat with a wet rag and because it was plastic it was gross to see what would wipe off of it. 

After the holes and constant upkeep, I decided to look for another mat and found this cute one at Tuesday Morning:
Sometimes, I think things happen for a reason. I like my new mat so much more than my old one!

So, conclusion? Don't paint anything anything that is going to go on the floor - WHITE!

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