Pizza Salad

Monday, May 12, 2014

Right up there with my love for hot dogs is my obsession with pizza. Any kind of pizza in any form - double-stuffed, calzone, stuffed crust, cheese. You name it, I'll eat it. I just love pizza. But... my hips don't; and as Shakira says... hips don't lie. So this weekend, while I was thinking that the only thing I needed to make pizza was cheese, I looked out at the pool and decided instead to make pizza salad! This is a must-add to any Summer meal plan!

Almost as good as the real thing! Pepperoni Pizza Salad! A great Summer picnic dish!

Bag o' salad (I used the Italian blend from Wal Mart)
Roma tomato
Green bell pepper
Sliced olives (small can is perfect)
Shredded mozzarella cheese (not finely shredded)
Sliced pepperoni (look for mini pepperoni from Hormel - I found mine on sale at Smith's)
Italian salad dressing

Directions: (for one-serving salad)
1. Cut and seed half of the Roma tomato;
2. Finely chop 1/4 of the green bell pepper (discarding seeds);
3. Open and drain the sliced olives;
4. Place about 1/3 of the bag of salad into a bowl, top with the tomato, pepper, and spoonful of olives;
5. Sprinkle with 1/2 cup of shredded cheese and a few spoonfuls of pepperoni (to your liking);
6. Toss and top with Italian dressing;
7. Enjoy!

Pizza Salad! All the flavor of the real thing... half the work, plus no oven needed during the hottest months of the year!

You can add or omit any ingredients you want, although I encourage you to include the green pepper - it really makes the salad taste like pizza. You can add onions, sausage, Canadian bacon and canned pineapples, green chiles... really anything you like!

What will you add to your pizza salad?

For another pizza-inspired dish, check out my Slow Cooker Pizza Soup recipe below:

Make it a great week, everyone!


  1. oh that looks amazing!! I'm pinning this!

  2. This just may be a great way to get a kiddo to eat salad.

  3. I love this idea cause I'm often making homemade pizza and could whip myself up one of these instead with pretty much the same ingredients! Great idea. Thanks for sharing at The Makers!
    Corey @

  4. This looks delicious! I would love for you share it on my Tasty Tuesday recipe link up here! Everything gets pinned and I would love to have you!

  5. I found you on the Real Housewives of Riverton! This looks delish. I love those mini pepperonis!!!

  6. Found you on link it or lump it :-) Pinning to my Summer Salads board. Shirley @ Intelligent Domestications

  7. Yummy, good choice! Found you in the Sewlicious link up, and I am so glad I did. I will be back!

  8. Mmmm! Thanks so much for inspiring us to eat better. This looks yummy!

    Thank you so much for sharing at Show-Licious Craft & Recipe Party! Pinning to our Party Board!

    ~ Ashley

  9. I love to make this with salami and chunks of fresh mozzarella too!

  10. One of my favorite salads -- never thought of writing it up though. Duh! :-)


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