The Three P's: Petunias, Pots, & Paint

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Over the past two weekends I have finalized my mini-garden for the Summer. Normally, I would have it planted about halfway through May, but knowing I was going to be gone in California for a few days, I decided to push back my planting date so Morgan wouldn't have to water them while I was gone. This years potted garden is so cute!

Summer 2014 Potted Garden (Spray Painted Plastic Urn & Bicycle Planter)

I really have a black thumb. Of all of the many great qualities and traits I picked up and inherited from my mom and grandma... being a gardener is not one of them. But, after living in my apartment, going on three years now, I know what works and what doesn't.

The tricky thing about where my apartment is located, is that it sits in the sun for a good eight hours a day. I'm not talking some pretty Secret Garden Spring sun, I'm talking full-on desert, blasting hundred-degree sun. The first year I planted my urn planter, I found wavy petunias for only $1 at Wal Mart and snatched them up. They did great all throughout the Summer while everything else (other annuals and some vegetables) shriveled in the sun after just a few weeks.

Last year, not giving it much thought, I went to a local nursery, spent nearly $50 on plants and soil, to get some really beautiful plants - that couldn't withstand the sun. Look how pretty they were:

So I dumped them all in a trash bag (along with hard-earned money and sweat), went back to Wal Mart, picked up another pack of wavy petunias and watched them explode throughout the Summer.

So this year, rather than thinking I could cheat the elements, I went with what works. But first, I decided to give my ugly tan plastic urn planter a bright makeover! All it took was one can of spray paint and 30 minutes! The day I sprayed it, it was so hot, that I barely had any dry time between coats.

... AFTER ...

I absolutely love how the teal plays off the various brown shades and the reds and pinks in the flowers. This was such a cheap, easy, and fast update, I can see painting it again and again based on what flowers I find each season.

This year I decided to cluster my pots together because I think it gives a more cohesive look. Also, the wire bike planter was lost sitting on the wire table (in the picture further up). It looks much better with a simpler setting.

As long as I stay on top of watering them, I think they should be great! I mean in total, I have no more than $10 invested in my "potted garden," but I do hope they last most of the Summer.

Happy gardening all!

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  1. Love the bike! Where from?

  2. Lovely garden :) Nice choice of colors :) Love that bike, may i know where you bought it?

  3. I love Flower Pots and this really makes a statement!!! Love it!!!

  4. That bright turquoise pot is so bright and cheerful! I just love it! You did such a great job! We would love it if you would join us at our link party.

  5. so bright and pretty!!! Thanks for linking up to Create Link Inspire party.. I'm working ahead this weekend, but you will be featured on Sat in my Summer DIY ideas ;o) Hope you can stop by then and show the post some love... Emily

  6. Lovely! I am really digging that pop of color! Looks great, Julia!

  7. The pot colour was really a brilliant idea :-)


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