Easy 4th of July Nails

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July, everyone! So proud to be an American. Whether we look at the sacrifices made by the bravest of the brave today... or look back 150 years ago to our Founding Fathers, what a great country to hail from. I truly wouldn't want to live in any other country. If you remember last year, I shared my very favorite quote on celebrating our Independence. But this year, I wanted to go a little bit more on the fun side and share my Easy Patriotic Nail Art. So EASY! I promise!

This all came about as a fluke. Yesterday I went to Walmart and the Dollar Tree looking for a glittery nail polish in patriotic colors, but didn't find anything. So I was planning on painting my nails red with a gold and silver overlay. 

But then... I found the glittery nail polish. At the house where I am dog-sitting. It was just sitting on the bookcase and it was perfect. So I took a picture of it and headed back to the store. So I painted my nails red and used the blue and silvery confetti sparkly overlay sealed off with a top coat!

The glittery polish is called (840) Ice Queen by Sally Hansen Hard as Nails.

I put a base coat of nail hardener on, followed by two coats of red, and two coats of Ice Queen (I fished around for the blue specks) and topped it off with another coat of the clear nail hardener.

I love my nails! Just the right amount of red, white, and blue but not too much! I can wear these well into next week. 

Have a fun and safe 4th of July! I for one will be seeing Wynonna Judd tonight!

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