How to Rescue a Thrift Store Necklace

Monday, August 4, 2014

Jewelry-maker I'm not, but thrifter I am! This weekend I stopped by an out-of-the way thrift store to see if there was anything good that I "just couldn't live without." And, of course, I found $14 worth to bring home. This gorgeous necklace below was one of them! But it needed a little DIY to actually work.

The thrift store had recently received a large shipment of brand-new items from a retailer (that I was able to nail down as CATO) and 2,000 books from a local estate. I looked through the clothing looking for something from CATO, but didn't find anything (just a shirt from Target - of course).

After checking out my order and passing over my cash for my $10 purchase, I saw a pretty necklace in the jewelry display. They were asking $6 for it, but it was broken and I just didn't want to spend that on a piece that I wasn't sure if I could fix (without buying additional supplies to fix it). 

I decided against it, but just as I was putting it down on the counter, the owner lowered it to $4 for me! Loving the local business spirit, I said, "yes," and threw it in the bag with my other items. 

After getting it home, I realized it was a simple fix with supplies already on the necklace! At the end of the chain extender was a jump ring that I was able to open and use to link the two parts of the necklace together.

After looking around online, I was able to find that this necklace too is from CATO:
So with less than a five dollar bill, less than five minutes, and pliers from my Ikea tool kit, I was able to rescue this necklace and bring it back to its full glory!

I can't wait to wear this soon!

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  1. Amazing! I love thrift stores.

  2. what a great find!!! and what a great fix too! :)

  3. Wow, well done. Using a bit of the necklace already so the colour match is perfect is such a great idea. You rescued this necklace from a sad life of never being worn, now it can fulfil it's destiny and make your neck look pretty!

  4. Smart! Ah I wish I would have read this a couple days ago haha!

  5. Yeah! Great rescue. I love thrift store hunting.

  6. Great find! That is a beautiful necklace. Your tutorial pics are very helpful.

  7. Now I've got to add jewelry to my thrift store list! ;) Awesome find!
    My readers would love this! Please share on my Show-Licious Party {we are live now}!

    ~ Ashley

  8. I love when fixes are quick like that! What a great save, and a lovely piece of jewelry :)

  9. I've noticed a few CATO items at my local Goodwill and I was racking my brain trying to figure out what store it came from. Didn't realize it was it's own brand!

  10. Jump rings are so easy to use but so important for jewelry make up!!! Great job with the fix!


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