Fall Feather & Glitter Wreath

Monday, September 22, 2014

Technically tomorrow is the first day of fall, but the 90°+ temps this weekend are feeling like we're still smack in the middle of summer. But that didn't stop me from starting my autumn decorating and crafting over the weekend!

I was excited to tackle a new wreath for fall. For the past two years I have used my berry wreath, but was ready to graduate into something more sophisticated - sort of a goal all around for my seasonal decorating. This wreath was actually a second attempt at making a new wreath. I started with a broom that I was going to decorate, but I just couldn't pull it together into something I liked.

So I set out to Hobby Lobby to see if anything pulled at my creative strings, so to speak. My first surprise was that my Hobby Lobby closed and relocated to a giant new space. It is like the size of a warehouse... and it's right next door to a Stein Mart! I can't wait for it to open!

While browsing the autumn seasonal decor, I didn't find anything that piqued my interest. I was thinking I might not end up leaving with anything for my new wreath, but then I ventured over to the ribbon area. And there they were. The prettiest, glitteriest ribbons I've ever seen!

I paired together a natural, glitter-flecked wide linen ribbon, and a matching champagne glitter ribbon. I knew the natural ribbon wouldn't be long enough to wrap the entire wreath (that is really half of the wreath form) so I planned to cover one-third of it with the glitter ribbon. At the store I couldn't decide what else to add to it, so I left the store hoping inspiration would hit later.

And hit, it did! As soon as I got the wreath wrapped, I knew I needed to add pheasant feathers. So I headed out to Michael's and picked up a floral pick of pheasant (and other) feathers (be sure to buy this with a coupon - it's $5.99).

I cut the pick stem short so it would lay nicely on the wreath, but other than that I just let it shine in its "natural" glory.

I love the different textures and the glitter together. This wreath is definitely sophisticated and will last me well into Thanksgiving.

Styrofoam Wreath Form
Linen Glitter Ribbon  (Natural) from Hobby Lobby - on sale 9/21/14 for $1.99!
Glitter Ribbon from Hobby Lobby - on sale 9/21/14 for $1.99
Pheasant Feather Floral Pick - from Michaels

1. Cut the wreath form in half (be careful!)
2. Wrap the wreath in the linen ribbon
3. Wrap the gap and more in the glitter ribbon
4. Trim the pick on the feathers
5. Insert the pick between a layer of glitter ribbon and into the Styrofoam
6. Hang & enjoy

What do you think about the glam natural wreath? I personally love it!

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  1. That looks simple and elegant. I also like that it's inexpensive!

  2. I love your bouquet of feathers, beautiful in its simplicity.

  3. I love how it turned out! I really like the feathers, they're a great touch! Can't go wrong with glitter, either. :)

  4. Love this wreath, the texture and glitter is fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Cute wreath! I like the feathers and the glitter!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ The Submarine Sunday Link Party

  6. This is stunning!! Thanks so much for linking up with us, I'll be featuring it tomorrow at our party! Be sure to stop by and grab a feature button.



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