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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Today I have the honor of being in New York City on the thirteenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks. Half of my life has passed since these attacks occurred. I was thirteen and in 8th grade. Now, I am 26. For all of the incredible sadness and loss that this day represents, having visited the September 11th Memorial just days ago, helps me to shift the focus from the loss to remembrance. This final, calm resting place for so many is, in its own New York way, peaceful.

If you have not read about Father Mychal Judge, I hope you will take just a few moments today and learn about this man, who tragically lost his life thirteen years ago.

Prayer in Time of Loss of Loved Ones
by Father Mychal Judge*
*At memorial service for TWA Flight 800 - 7/21/96

God is present, loving, smiling, having received our loved ones.
They are in His presence, illumined by His smile and warmed by His love.
His kingdom is enriched this day, so enriched by so many beautiful souls.
So much beauty.

Our world is empty without them.
Our hearts are broken, our sadness immense, our tears so abundant.
We live our sorrow together.

We need You, Lord.
Please come and touch us.
Fill us with courage.
Calm our discomfort.
Give us signs of Your presence.
We ask You, we beg You: come.

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