Pumpkin Spice & Corn Flake Bars

Monday, September 29, 2014

Growing up, we rarely were treated to homemade Rice Krispies treats. When my mom would make a batch of sweet treats, she almost always used Corn Flakes. Only now, as an adult do I understand why. Corn Flakes are so much cheaper than Rice Krispies! Even if you use store brand cereal, the corn flake cereal will be cheaper. So when I signed up to make some sort of "bar" dessert to celebrate a co-workers recent passing of the Bar Exam, I knew I wanted to make marshmallow treats and that the corn flake option would be great!

My office tends to have quite a few potlucks throughout the year, particularly during the holiday season. Since this was the first potluck of the fall season, I was set on bringing in some pumpkin spice flavor through my dessert. I bought a can of pumpkin and planned to incorporate it with the marshmallows, but I unexpectedly found pumpkin spice marshmallows (!) at Wal Mart and used those instead.
As with most baking (although there is no actual "baking" involved in making these bars) patience will be your best friend in getting these treats to turn out perfectly.

Since I was bringing these for a potluck, I added more corn flakes and marshmallows than most other recipes call for, but I like the outcome (thicker treats, with a subtle - rather than intense - pumpkin flavor).

3 Tbsp unsalted butter
10 C. corn flake cereal
1 8 oz package of Pumpkin Spice Mallows
1 10 oz package plain mini marshmallows
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice (click here for my mix)
Non-stick cooking spray
9x13 casserole dish

1. Over medium-low heat, melt your butter, vanilla, and pumpkin pie spice;
2. Once melted, add in one bag of marshmallows;
3. Slowly stir until the marshmallows are melted;
4. Once melted, add in the second bag of marshmallows and slowly stir until these also melt;
5. Turn down heat to low;
6. Pour in your cereal and gently mix until the marshmallows are combined throughout the cereal;
7. Spray your pan and your hands and dump the mixture in to the pan;
8. Using your hands, spread the mixture into the pan;
9. Let it cool and then cut into desired sized bars;
10. Enjoy!

As long as you keep the bars covered, they should stay soft and gooey for a week or so (if they last that long!).

What's your favorite fall flavor? Mine's a toss up between pumpkin spice and apple spice.

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  1. These look like a treat my kids would enjoy! Never would have thought using cornflakes instead of rice krispies! Brilliant:)


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