These Boots Were Made For Walking

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Aren't these boots awesome!

Ever since going to End of Trail last year, I have been looking for cowboy boots. 
But of course I wanted them from a second-hand store since they are so expensive new!

But for over a year, no luck.

Then, that all changed on Saturday.

I was browsing Goodwill trying to kill time before a nail appointment, wandthese gorgeous boots were just sitting there waiting for me.

In my size. In nearly-new condition!

They were asking a little more than I would normally pay for, well anything, at Goodwill, but I knew they were a deal I couldn't pass up.

I tried looking around the web for a bit of information on them. 
Everything says they are vintage Capezio boots, but I am not sure. 

Regardless, I am so happy with them!

I can't wait to wear them!

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  1. What a steal!!! They are fantastic. It pays to wait. And that price, you cant go wrong....


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