How to Be Safe on Google+

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I have all sorts of Christmas projects to share, but before getting those posted, I want to share an easy tip for making your experience on Google+ a bit safer. If you aren't familiar with Google+, it is Google's version of Facebook (for lack of a tidier explanation). Just like with Facebook, people follow individuals and receive the updates that they share on the site. It's just my opinion, but I feel like there are a lot of people on Google+ who are only on there to troll the site. 

Of course the goal for bloggers on Google+ is to gain followers so that as many people see your posts as possible. In fact, Google+ has become an alternative to Facebook for many bloggers as Facebook has made (and continues to make) it incredibly difficult to reach those who follow your page. 

Although the main different between Facebook and Google+ is the layout and terminology of the different components, I, for some reason, just don't feel as comfortable on Google+ as I do on Facebook or Twitter (and as a result don't utilize it as much as I should). 

I often receive notifications that I have been followed by someone who really would have no interest following my craft blog, and they don't share things on their page to show that a human is behind their profile. So after a little research I found out how to block these individuals so they can't see my profile and updates. 

I think it's a valuable piece of information for everyone (not just bloggers) to know how to do, so read on for my picture tutorial!

Step One:
Log in to your Google+ account (

Step Two:
Click on your profile picture in the top right corner - a pop up box will appear. Click "View Profile."

Step Three:
Your profile page will show up.

Step Four:
Scroll down until you see (in the right column) "Have you in circles." Click on the number to the right of the words.

Step Five:
A pop up window will appear with the list of everyone who follows you (those who you also follow will be listed at the top). Scroll through the list until you see someone who you would like to blog as a follower. For this example, I chose to block "senior Dating online." Click on the profile name (in bold black type).

Step Six:
When their profile pops up, click the downward facing arrow below the "Follow" button. Select "Report/block {Profile Name}."

Step Seven:
A pop up screen will appear where you will be able to choose to block them (and to report them to Google if you have an issue with them). Don't forget to click Done to save it!

That's it! That's all it take to make your experience on Google+ a little bit better. I think Google+ is a great social media platform since it has built-in compatibility with Blogger, so I'm hoping cleaning up my follower list will make it even better. I am thankful Google offers the option to block certain followers, to make the experience a little bit safer.

If you have any trouble doing this, just let me know!

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  1. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  2. Great info...I get notification of weird creepy types all the time and it does make me nervous!

  3. Good to know, I'm the same, I feel like I understand FB as I used it long before blogging, google + still feels new in some ways. I've noticed the odd person popping up now and again that felt like they were just looking for a follow back. I need to look into this for instagram too! Thanks for sharing this.


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