Fourth Friday {February}

Friday, February 27, 2015

Look, I remembered to post my first Fourth Friday! It looks like this little series o' mine is starting off well! February flew by and I can't believe that it has been only three weeks since I posted my First Friday post!

1. Here is a recap/follow up on my First Friday post:
      .I didn't stick with either book that I was reading at the beginning of the month (Hannah's Dream and The One I Left Behind). I actually dumped them both shortly after my post. 
      .I made the raspberry bread, but was... underwhelmed. It just didn't quite have the raspberry flavor I wanted; and it required a long list of ingredients (that I just happened to have on hand).
     .I most definitely didn't make a Valentine's Day wreath. My winter wreath is still hanging on my front door. March, March is the month I will fix this.
     .I also didn't visit any new thrift/antique/flea market stores this month (but it leads into something that I am excited about this past month).

2. This was the month of good money! Not only did I stay on budget in all of my categories (I use Mint to track my spending and can't recommend it enough!) and still don't feel like I was ham-stringed for spending on anything.I also filed my taxes and am getting back more in my return than last year! Woohoo! But, the biggest "good money" of all is that I paid of my student loans! It's a great feeling and an accomplishment I am proud of!

3. I am almost embarrassed to admit what I discovered this month because it's such a duh thing, but I figured out how to get all of my basic cable channels back on my TV! It's been just about a year since I lost the basic cable I was able to get on my TV just by plugging in the coax cable. Shortly after, I purchased a Roku (remember that I listed it on my Christmas roundup as a favorite gift I gave). I was also given an old-school antenna from a co-worker and hooked that up to my TV. I was pretty happy when I ran through the channels and it picked up both Fox and NBC and some other channels I watch regularly. But I lost ABC and CBS. Then it hit me last week when I really wanted to watch the premiere of The Odd Couple to punch in the channel manually. And guess what?! CBS came up!!! Then on Monday, I punched in the channel for ABC and lo and behold it came up too! I was able to watch The Bachelor on it's original airing! I love TV, so this is such a great discovery!

4. While finding my basic cable was the most exciting thing about February, there are clearly two things that are as far off the charts the other way. I caught what I call "The Capitol Crud" (aka a cold) this week. It's like working in a petri dish this time of year. I thought I was doing a good job staying on top of washing my hands and the like, but I guess when I'm trapped in a car with a coughing co-worker for 2-hours a day, I was bound to catch it. 

I also had quite the experience with my phone on Wednesday. I was hurrying to use the restroom before a lunch was about to begin that I was attending, when I heard quite an odd sound. I looked down to see if something had fallen on the floor and my phone had fallen in the toilet! It wasn't in the water for more than two seconds so I was extremely lucky. I was able to dry everything off (and sanitize when I got back to my desk), but the camera no longer works on the phone. I am planning to take it to a cell phone repair place this weekend, so cross your fingers for me!

5. I tried two new (to me) recipes this month. I don't think either of these will be added to my recipe book (definitely not the quinoa recipe), but I am glad I tried some new things.

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quinoa Bowls | A delicious, filling, meatless meal that will please both vegetarians and meat lovers! |

6. Morgan and I daydreamed this month about our next travel adventure. We're throwing around Dallas, maybe the Grand Canyon, or a bigger trip to Nashville with hops into Alabama and Kentucky. We're still in the very early daydreaming phase, but we are planning on going somewhere fun this year.

How was your February?!

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