Petite Craft Cabinet

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I've been addicted to cruising Craigslist recently. I'm not looking for anything that I need but I would like to replace my desk chair (yes... the pink one) with a Parsons chair. The problem with the pink chair is the feet. They don't allow for the chair to be pushed in nicely under the desk. 

So anyway, one day recently while I was shopping looking through Craigslist, I spotted a small cabinet that I thought had great potential as a craft cabinet.

The dimensions were perfect... just one inch overhang of the window. When my mom was visiting in early January, we stopped and browsed in a bunch of antique stores. Our one take away was that Albuquequerque is the capitol of petitie furntiture pieces! I was so excited to find this just after she left since it confirmed our findings!

But the best part was that it was just up the road from me and it fit perfectly into my new car! A friendly neighbor helped me carry it to my apartment and so far it is working out great. I'm working on the inside set up still, but hope to show you how I set it up and accessorized the top next week.

Just for a flashback, the little black drawers were what i had there before. I think the scale of the cabinet works out much better.

My goal is to make the dresser functional (but cute) on the inside. I already have a few ideas and can't wait to see if they work!

Eventually I would like to paint the cabinet, but as it is right now, it works well with my wall and trim/blind colors.

Do you have any tips on storing craft supplies?

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  1. I love Craigslist, and I think a craft cabinet will work perfectly!

  2. Great size for a craft cabinet.


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