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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Let me tell you... there were very few good things that came out of being sick over the weekend. Extra sleep, finally finishing the tissues in the Christmas-themed box, marathon Netflix watching. 

Very few indeed. 

But, I did have a genius - "aha!" moment in the midst of shuffling between the couch and the bedroom to get my chapstick. Put all of my "medicine cabinet" items (Nyquil, Dayquil, cough medicine, tissues, Tylenol/Aleve, allergy pills, etc.) in a travel toiletry bag!

Check out this Easy & Compact Medicine Cabinet Idea! It's like having a portable supply closet!

I think this may have all come to me when I realized that I had the full-blown crud, but only had cough medicine and Chloraseptic under my sink. So I had to do the thing where you put on sweats, a coat over your sleep shirt, and put a knit hat on to hide bed-head and go to Walgreens to stock up on my sick-day essentials. 

I was pissed. But it was my fault. Before needing it, I had no clue what I had in my stash and what I was running low on.

After getting back from the store with everything I needed, I pulled out an extra travel toiletry bag and started loading it up. As I was pulling out items from under the sink that I wasn't using (ThermaCare, allergy pills, etc.) I notice two rogue Nyquil pills that had fallen to the bottom of the drawer. I could have kicked myself for not seeing them earlier. 

But now that won't happen again! Look how nice and neatly organized everything is now. I even brought the bag to work with me on Monday just in case I wasn't quite over being sick.

How to Put Together a Mobile Medicine Cabinet! Genius for trips and winter colds!

I can't believe I didn't think of this earlier! Now I want to do this with all my little doo-dads. Nail polish anyone?!

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  1. I used to do this until the darn thing got too full! I keep it in a basket except for what is currently in use. Nail polish..i keep it in a basket also. It has a handle that lays down so I can take it out and bring it to a different room. I also started keeping my nail files and clippers and stuff in a makeup bag. I have tons nail clippers laying around!


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