First Friday {March}

Friday, March 6, 2015

Happy March - - aka Month of All Things Green! I am a big fan of March (except for March Madness). I love that it is a transition month. Maybe snow let's up, some days start to warm up, there is hope for spring. Plus I love emerald green and St. Patrick's Day! 

1. I have made it a personal tradition to cook corned beef and cabbage every St. Patrick's Day. It's something that we ate around this time of year growing up, so I think it's more of a tradition that I am carrying on rather than starting new. Last year I shared this corned beef and cabbage recipe that I learned from my dad, but this year I really want to cook corned beef in my slow cooker. I found this tasty-looking recipe that Lauren shared on her blog A Full Measure of Happiness (p.s. I love her blog and am sad to see she stepped away from it recently) so I think I am going to follow her lead this time.


2. St. Patrick's Day also marks Odo's third birthday! I love that little chunker (not really, she is actually right on weight but she carries it chubbily - is that a word?). She will probably get something special to eat and then be left alone to sleep. Maybe, just maybe, Morgan will stop by and visit since he is her favorite person in the whole, entire world.

3. I haven't had the best luck so far this year with finding books that are holding my attention. I'm currently reading a book set in my hometown of Missoula and a book by the author of Homer's Oddysey, a book I really enjoyed

 Love Saves the Day

4. I have had this post from the DIY Budget Girl saved for a while. I need to sit down and give it a thorough read through. 

How to Blog Legally --- One of the many wonderful things about blogging is that you don't need any previous experience or education to do it. You just dive in and go.  Unfortunately, it's also the cause of a lot of problems. Legal problems, mostly. || #blogging #law #legal #blog #ftc #guidelines #copyright

5. I am on the countdown to March 22. Why, you ask.... Because Netflix starts streaming season 7 of Mad Men! I caught the first episode of the season (the last season, too) when AMC offered it for free on their website, but after that I couldn't find a free way to watch them. So I have been impatiently waiting for Netflix to put the season up for streaming. I'm promising myself I won't binge watch it... but I'm making not bets on that. P.S. Check out all of the March Netflix releases here

6. I am on the hunt this month for a new desk chair. Do I really need one? No. But I want something that has a slimmer profile than my pink bankers chair. I am going to hit up every Ross store in Albuquerque until I find the chair in the photo. You have to see how much Sarah Dorsey of Sarah M. Dorsey Designs found it for at her local Ross!

What's on your March list?

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