My Mom Always Told Me to Wear a Slip & How That Relates to Rugs

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I know we all believe this, but my mom is literally one of the smartest people I know. As I settle into adulthood, I am appreciate that fact more and more. One of the rules my mom always told my sister and me was to wear a slip under dresses and skirts because it sets a great foundation no matter the piece of clothing... and it's a rule I follow to this day, as I near my 27th year.

She also always believes in quality over quantity (something I am working on embracing, but not always succeeding at). In the living from of our house was a very pretty, high quality, navy patterned rug. No matter if the house we were living in was carpeted or hardwood, she always had a rug pad beneath it. It was just how it was. Not something that was talked about, but just something that happened... because no matter the flooring a rug pad is a great foundation.

So when I was contacted by Rug Pad Corner to try out two rug pads in my own home, I knew I had to say yes, or face the wrath of my mom. Just kidding, she's not like that.

Disclosure: Rug Pad Corner reached out to me to see if I’d like to try some of their products and write a review. While I am not being compensated for this post, they did provide me with the rug pads.
All opinions are my own.

Back in October I bought this great quatrefoil patterned rug for my dining room. It's the perfect size and color for my apartment and it's by far the largest rug in my apartment, so I jumped on the chance to try the No-Muv rug pad. The pad is really more intended for a rug that isn't anchored down by a large piece of heavy furniture, but since my rug is in a high-traffic area, I felt it would be the best option for my needs.

When the rug arrived it was rolled up and wrapped in plastic. After cutting it open, I wished I had had a place to let it sit and relax for a few days before placing it under my rug. I ended up placing some books on the outer end for a few days to retrain it to lay down flat.

Other than the thickness of the rug pad being a bit more thick than I thought (and creating the gap between the rug and the carpet in the picture below) I am really happy with the No-Muv rug pad.

Here are top and bottom pictures of the rug pad:

There are a few things I love about the rug pad...

Protection Against Furniture Penetration to Rug... Since my rug sits on top of carpet the feet of the chairs and table leave these terrible imprints in the rug. I am hoping that with the 1/4" of cushion beneath the rug, the indents won't be as bad for the long-term life of the rug.

Noticeable Cushion... The 1/4" of cushioning is really noticeable. Both when sitting at the table and when walking over the end of the rug, the plush feel of the rug pad is so noticeable. It's great!

I have the same pad under a highly-trafficked small rug that is between my kitchen and dining room.

This rug is one of Ricky's favorite places to lay (note: did you see little Ricky Ricardo in the first picture...). Before the rug pad, the rug was usually in a lump because Ricky used it as a play toy with his pipe cleaners. I wasn't sure  what type of rug pad would be best for this spot (one for carpet or one for laminate), so I opted for another No-Muv pad.

The thing that I LOVE about the rug pad placed here is that it is NO SLIP! So my dilemma of the always-moving-tripping-hazard-rug has been solved!

I truly can't recommend Rug Pad Corner enough. The shipping was fast, the product high quality, and my favorite thing? Made in the USA!!

Rug Pad Corner pads are really a great option if you are looking for a quality rug pad for your home.

If you are in the market, Rug Pad Corner is offering a 15% off coupon that you can use anytime! Just use the code REVIEW15.

Have a great Tuesday!

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